I don’t have any matchups for you right now but I know you will want to stop what you are doing and print up these babies ASAP.  Make sure to SHARE via Twitter or email to 3 friends to get these super high value coupons.  Ready?  Seriously, go print!

Note:  You can’t just click to print more than 1 set at a time. You’ll need a unique code on each coupon. So, after you print one set, go back and print one more!


Go HERE to print these high value coupons!!

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June 13, 201406:44 pm

I dont know if they ran out of the $4 ones but i signed in, shared on twitter, and it didnt take me any where, so i had to click back and went to the coupons...just the regular ones. I try another email and I am not even PROMTED to share! Just takes me straight to the lower amount coupons. SOOOO frustrated because I shared the first time and I got gyped!!


June 12, 201408:55 am

Can these be used on the 8.97$ 40 and 46 count diapers at walmart? I would say they are they don't have a __ and higher count on the coupons but didn't know if anyone else tried?


June 11, 201409:52 am

I checked all of the diaper coupons and it only gave me 2 of them, twice. When I went back in to get one I was missing it was gone. both times I asked for 5 coupons and only got 3.


June 11, 201408:55 am

I think Little Swimmers were $6.99 at my store yesterday. These coupons make them $4.99. Not a bad price for the beginning of summer!


June 11, 201412:47 am

How do you print your coupons from your I pad do you need a app.. O just go like on your computer??


June 10, 201410:34 pm

Too bad we didn't have these with the $5 kroger cats 1 week ago! FYI: click forgot to print other offers and you can print your second copy with another unique data code.


June 10, 201409:23 pm

I just tried to print these and it printed "Thanks for printing. You have reached your print limit for this offer. System code 1004." I haven't printed these ever before....wonder what happened? It won't let me go back and reprint either now.


June 10, 201409:07 pm

Thanks! I was able to print these from my ipad, too! Yippee!


June 11, 201404:33 pm

How do you get them to print from the I-Pad? I haven't had any luck getting Q's to print from it..it will e-mail them for a later print but not direct print.


June 10, 201408:49 pm

Are the diaper coupons only to be used at kroger??


June 10, 201409:01 pm

No, they are manufacturer coupons so they can be used other places.