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Hey, it's Friday so let's make a little money!  Kate let me know about this Buy (1) Single Bottle and Get FREE Refill 6 pk coupon a couple of days ago.  Well this morning I opened up ibotta and found a rebate when you buy both you'll get $3.50 back.  This means we have a money maker on our hands and I am super excited.  If you are having a hard time finding these drinks look in the boxed juice area near the Capri Sun.

Good 2 Grow Kroger Pic

Thanks Kate!

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Karen White

June 12, 201405:49 pm



June 8, 201404:28 pm

Tried to use the coupon today at wouldn't scan and when he attempted to type in the number, it wouldn't work either. :(


June 7, 201408:36 am

The coupon looked fake :/ wouldn't scan one printed normal an one looked all jacked up no bar code nothing but she still gave em 2 me :)


June 6, 201411:58 pm

Kroger in Harrisonburg, wouldnt scan...then the cashier called the manager ....and manager stated it was for a "free item"...I explained that it was a B1G1 go....dangit....

Dee Dee

June 6, 201407:39 pm

I accidentally printed 3 coupons as well, so be careful with that. I did this deal at my East TN Kroger today. The single was $2.39 and the refill was $3.19. My coupon wouldn't scan but the cashier typed it in. She did however say "6 FREE????" Thank you Katie!!!

Samantha M

June 6, 201404:55 pm

I have a $1/1 good 2 grow Catalina from Target. Its a mq, I can use it at Kroger, yes?


June 6, 201401:35 pm

I had no problem printing the coupon off but it wouldn't scan at Kroger and the cashier refused to just type it in. :(


June 6, 201411:58 am

I couldn't get the coupon to print earlier at home (using Firefox), but at work I got it to print using Google Chrome, but it took a while to be sent to the printer. It printed small, but looks usable. I hope to use it later today! Oh and about the Ibotta... I clicked Kroger and found it listed there. This will be my first time using Ibotta so fingers crossed it works!


June 6, 201411:51 am

Somebody know how much is the cost for the single bottle of juice?


June 6, 201402:25 pm

Around $3


June 6, 201411:43 am

when I try to sign up for common kindness it keeps saying that the code that you have to enter to show you're not a spammer is wrong. I have tried it like 6 times :( Anybody else having that issue?


June 8, 201412:28 am

I am having the same problem.


June 6, 201410:57 am

i can't get it to print either


June 6, 201410:30 am

If you go to and sign up for their newsletter it sends you the same coupon. However, my rebate only shows up in Walmart as well?


June 20, 201407:09 am

Saraina, Thanks for the tip. I cannot get ever get that coupon site to print. My kids will be happy to score some free juice. :)


June 6, 201409:43 am

The site seems to be having some issues (surely not from all the kroger krazies trying to print the coupon hehe). I had better luck printing it in internet explorer. The coupon seemed to print smaller than normal but it has the barcode, expiration and everything. My firefox for some reason always wants to block the java when I print on redplum and common kindness even though I try to click allow and remember. Not sure how to fix that.


June 6, 201409:34 am

I just printed - i had "buy 1 get 6" coupons available to clip, so i clipped all three. When they (finally) printed, none have barcodes, dates, product info, etc... just "OFFER" and "Description" and "thanks for supporting".... what in the world...?


June 6, 201409:31 am

I show the rebate on Ibotta to just be for Walmart?


June 6, 201409:18 am

I can't get the Common Kindness coupons to print. Anyone else having this problem?


June 6, 201408:46 am

When I try to login to Common Kindness it says user account is disabled and it won't let me re-register using the same email. ???


June 6, 201408:56 am

Maybe you can call them? Or email them. If not do you have another email you could sign up with like a couponing email?