oscar mayer catalina

As I mentioned the other day, we have a Catalina offer on Oscar Mayer Lunchmeat. There are several items in the Mega Sale generating this Catalina. The best deal is on the bologna, but here are all of the deals for you!

5/19 – 6/15 | Oscar Mayer Lunch Meat
Buy (3) = $2.00 OYNO
Buy (4) = $3.00 OYNO
Buy (5+) = $4.00 OYNO

oscar mayer catalina

Deal Scenarios:


Oscar Mayer Catalina


Oscar Mayer Catalina


Oscar Mayer Catalina


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June 14, 201411:54 am

In Columbus, bought 4 carving boards and no Catalina's for me :(


June 8, 201409:23 pm

I bought the light bologna and it printed for me today in Louisville, KY.


June 8, 201403:08 pm

Did bought four and didn't get any catalina. It was on and nada comes out. I'm in Indiana. Wonder why?


June 5, 201409:19 pm

I bought 5 Regular bologna which is included in mega sale but Catalina didn't print?


June 5, 201410:12 am

It didn't work for me either! :(


June 5, 201412:37 am

is salami coto working for the catalina? thanks :)


June 4, 201410:58 pm

The regular bologna is included in my mega deal.They didn't have it tagged but it is in the ad in Texas.


June 4, 201404:23 pm

I purchased four packages this week and no Catalina printed. I had the cashier check and the Catalina machine was turned on :(


June 4, 201401:19 pm

Thick cut bologna is only .99 with the mega event in VA! Paid $5.00 got back $4.00. That means .20 each! Woohoo!!


June 4, 201403:12 pm

Where in Va. are you at please?


June 4, 201404:34 pm

VA Beach


June 4, 201401:11 pm

Is the catalina good on the regular bologna?


June 4, 201401:15 pm

Yes Nancy, but the only varieties included in the mega event are the turkey and jalepeno.