Secret Deodorant Kroger Mega

I've already published the full list of Mega Sale inclusions, but I will also be highlighting some of the best deals so that they don't go missed. This awesome deal on Secret Deodorant is NO exception!!

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June 5, 201403:03 pm

Do any one no if Atlanta have secret on sale for this price. Need to order coupons I don't get off work till 2morrow.


June 5, 201401:04 pm


Karen White

June 5, 201401:03 pm

Is there a certain zip code to get the secret deal. I don't have some of these coupons


June 5, 201412:46 am

What area are u in? I live near tullahoma, tn. Just checking to see if my Kroger might have these same deals?


June 4, 201411:44 pm

I am using the ecoupon when I go in the morning. I want to buy more than one of this deal. Will it take off $1 from each deodorant I have or would I have to ring up separate transactions for it to work on them all? Thanks in advance for any help!


June 5, 201412:02 am

Unless the ecoupon specifies you can only use it once, period. Occasionally they have an ecoupon that allows you to use it up to 5 times in one transaction. Hope this helps. You will need paper coupons to buy more than one.


June 4, 201406:59 pm

The only $1 off coupon i see is on the secret outlast or secret expressions but not just plain secret. Do you know if either of these are included in the sale?


June 4, 201408:13 pm

The one from P&G is one Secret Product. It doesn't have to be outlast or expressions.


June 4, 201408:14 pm

Also the ecoupon is for any one Secret product.

Cindy J.

June 4, 201406:57 pm

It was in the June 1st Procter & Gamble coupon insert, so check your Sunday newspaper.


June 4, 201404:09 pm

I want this coupon. How do I get them


June 5, 201407:55 pm

James, I order coupons from They seem to be a little cheaper than clipping services. Hope this helps.