I let you know about this Catalina on Friday but I tested it this morning to made sure it worked and it did. Find all the details to grab this great deal below.


6/16 – 7/13 | Oscar Mayer Lunchables with Drink
Buy (3) = $2.00 OYNO
Buy (4) = $3.00 OYNO
Buy (5) = $4.00 OYNO

Lunchables Catalina

The Lunchables with Smoothie are part of the Mega Event which runs WITH your sale cycle and ends on Tues, 6/17 for most of us…so you will have just a couple of days to get this awesome deal!! After the perfect storm of mega sale pricing, this Lunchables coupon and Catalina these will be as low as $0.69 each!!

Lunchables Coupon

Deal Scenario based on limit 2 “like” printables:

Deal Scenario if you have access to 3 computers/devices AND your store allows (5) “like”printable coupons:

Want to learn more about how Kroger Catalinas work? Read THIS POST.

(thanks for the Catalina printout Sherry!)

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Michelle Tew

June 26, 201408:42 pm

Hello, I was just wondering if this sale is still going on for the buy 6 save $3 mega sale? I am getting all my coupons ready to go to Kroger this weekend and I have a whole bunch of these coupons. Considering Kroger is an hour away from me I still plan on bringing them with me. lol.


June 20, 201405:11 pm

Bought 4 today (Columbus OH) and it didn't print. :(


June 18, 201409:16 pm

I'm in the Indianapolis area and I didn't get the catalina either. Anyone know the number to Catalina so I can see if I can get the coupon mailed to me?


June 17, 201403:42 pm

First of all, I love Kroger Krazy!! :) Second, I did this deal yesterday with the 5 ($1) coupons. The catalina printed just fine. Today, I did the deal a second time, purchasing 4 lunchables with smoothie, and a second one with a drink (non smoothie) and it did not print. The cashier told me to go to customer service and she just gave me $4 cash after looking at the receipt. She said there is a website you can go to and fill out the online form (with a bunch of info from the receipt, and a scanned copy) and they will mail you the $4 catalina, or whatever doesn't print for you. Hopefully that will help someone out there. :) Thanks again for this website!!!


June 19, 201404:58 pm

Hi!! I bought 5 lunchables with smoothies and the Catalina didn't print , went to customer service and they couldn't help . Could you please give me the website that they told you to fill out the form?? Thank you so much, Elaine.


June 17, 201411:49 am

Same here in Portsmouth, OH. I bought 3, no catalina and was only able to use 2 printed coupons. According to manager the store policy is only 2 printed coupons per person per day. But I still enjoy these as snacks at work.


June 17, 201410:29 am

if you take your receipt to customer service will they print one out for you?


June 17, 201401:12 am

Yep, mine didn't work either Sunday night 6/15. Bought 3 for 4.47 but no Cat printed..guess i'll have to try reporting it


June 16, 201409:37 pm

Same for me in the Memphis TN area - bought 5, used 4 printable $1 qs and the $1 digital Kroger coupon, but no Catalina :(


June 16, 201405:28 pm

Same here (Wyoming) bought five with coupons but no catalina.


June 16, 201404:54 pm

Bought five today (in middle TN) and it didn't print. Bummer. But with the -$1.00 off, I'm still pleased at the price.