I'm going to make an executive decision and just go ahead and call this the stockup deal of the week!! I told you about this All Laundry Detergent AWESOMENESS – well like 3 times before the sale even started (sick of me yet?), but I wanted to let you know that the All Fabric Softener is also included in the sale with several matching All coupons, so we can really stock up on both. I'm excited to try it the softener!!

This sale starts TODAY (for most of us), so GET THERE!!

all laundry kroger

all laundry kroger

You can view the entire Kroger ad scan with coupon matchups HERE.

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August 6, 201406:05 pm

I would like to order more coupons what site is good,


July 18, 201401:38 am

You can use Manuf coupons and digital coupons together if you have them scan your Manuf coupons before you swipe your Kroger card!!


July 14, 201410:12 pm

I'm confused, How many times a can use e-coupons for all, snuggle,etc. because the 1st time I use: buy 3-all, 2-snuggle=5 combined and they discount a 1.00 for each ($2.49) and used mnf coupon total $1.49 each, but next day when I try again with another 5 combined the digital coupon no work and I had download to my card, What happen with that?


July 13, 201401:14 pm

I live in Kentucky and at my Kroger they did allow me to use both the digital Kroger coupon loaded to my Kroger card and a paper manufacturer coupon I had printed out. I bought 5 bottles of All detergent for $0.99 each! I even had my friend go back for me again to get 5 more bottles since she won't use that brand! So all in all I got 10 bottles of All detergent for under $11 with taxes included! :)


July 12, 201409:26 pm

Frys here in mesa az wont let u use both i tried yesterday and paper coupon wouldnt scan was told use one or the other. Bunch of crap


July 11, 201408:14 am

I had the $2/2 digital coupon loaded and then the $1/1 (limit 5) and when I scanned my card it took both off and te $1/1 (limit 5) was listed as a store coupon so you should be able to use a manufacture coupon as well.


July 10, 201402:25 pm

In Georgia you can you Digital and paper coupons together, my all came to $5.65 for (5)


July 10, 201403:16 am

Can't figure out how to post a picture, but in I bought 10 All products today. I bought 5 All Fabric softners and 5 All laundry detergent (free & clear because of a new baby!). I was able to use the kroger digital coupons, but they wouldn't take my manufactured coupons because they wouldn't scan. :( Any who I ended up getting them for $2.60 each after it was all said and done. Still a steal in my book!!


July 10, 201402:23 am

Our Kroger Ad sale price in Michigan is $ bummed :/


July 9, 201410:41 pm

I did this deal today and noticed that on the e-coupons that have a limit of 5 per transaction, you can use manu q as well. I was able to get All for .99 each and got 4 bags of chocolate for FREE!!!


July 9, 201403:37 pm

My Kroger in Grand Blanc, MI had ALL for $3.99 on sale. I'm bummed!


July 9, 201403:08 pm

Kroger doesn't allow you to use digital and manufactured coupons together. You can use only one of them.


July 9, 201412:22 pm

I was told these are store q' so you can use mq with them ! I guess it depends on how your store views them !


July 9, 201401:35 pm

It says on the digital coupons "Limit of one coupon per item. Digital coupons and paper coupons may not be combined on the purchase of a single item."


July 9, 201411:55 am

I'm so confused, i thought you can't use digital coupons and paper man. coupons?


July 9, 201412:05 pm

You can't use both together, it is either or. Look at the post and she lists it that way. It is just that there are several different coupons available depending on what you pick to use, $2/2 or $1/1, or even buy 3 bottles and use both coupons and save $3. Kell is confused thinking they can be combined I think?


July 12, 201403:11 pm

I was able to use digital coupon and manuf coupon for my ALL this morning in TX.


July 9, 201412:13 pm

So even if these are on sale for 2.99 you can still use a manufacture coupon correct?


July 9, 201412:24 pm

Yes, you can use either manuf. coupons OR digital coupons, just not both on the same item.


July 9, 201411:11 am

I have never seen a $3/2 coupon! That's awesome. I've seen $2/2 which I used last time to get it for $1.49 a bottle. $1.99 is a great deal too, especially that 42 load bottle!!


July 9, 201402:54 pm

I haven't seen the $3.00/2 All coupon since January when I stocked up and bought 63 bags. I'm glad I did. You can't beat $1.00 per bag.


July 9, 201411:41 am

I'm confused by your comment. The coupons are separate, either $1/1 or $2/2 not $3/2. At least that is how I interpret it. They would be $1.99 each.


July 9, 201410:59 am

On January 15th King Soopers had these for $2.49 each and there was a $3.00/2 All Detergent Coupon which made each bag / bottle $1.00 each. I bought 63 bags. I felt that was a Stock Up Price.