Kraft Digital

Update:  I spoke with Kroger and there was a mistake and you will NOW be able to load these Kroger Digital coupons with a limit of 5. YAY!!

Make sure to download your Kraft Kroger Digital coupons and head to Kroger where you will get an outstanding deal.  These are limit 5 per card but make sure to buy 5 in your transaction or you will lose the coupon.

Kraft Cheese Kroger

Kraft Shredded

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July 18, 201401:38 pm

I downloaded the Kraft slices, the Philadelphia and the shredded cheese on my card yesterday and did a printout. I went back today to load the block cheese. Not only are the coupons no longer available, but the shredded cheese is no longer loaded to my card??? I know it was loaded. I have the printout showing it - confused


July 18, 201409:01 am

What if you don't want to use it 5 times? For example can I use it just 3 items and still get the discount or do I HAVE to buy 5 items before the discount is applied? I'm guessing this works kind of like the 10/10 deal where you don't need to buy 10 items to get the discount.


July 18, 201409:52 am

You can purchase fewer than 5, but the coupon will disappear after you use it once. You can only use it in a single transaction, but it is valid for up to 5 qualifying items in that transaction. I hope this helps!! :)


July 18, 201409:59 am

Yes thanks! That's how I was thinking it would work :) It's been a while since I've been able to do this sale.


July 17, 201408:43 pm

shoot. too late, went shopping this morning and only bought one of each of the cheeses.


July 17, 201406:32 pm

Thank you KROGER KRAZY for the update!


July 17, 201401:59 pm

I do not believe these are super saving coupons, on the picture above it shows sale $2.99, and does not show the download super savings coupon tag below it.

Jessica M

July 17, 201401:47 pm

My account is showing "up to 5 times in transaction"


July 17, 201403:02 pm

Yes, Kroger has corrected the digital coupons. Fixed on my account too.


July 17, 201401:36 pm

I tried yesterday and it only came off once.


July 17, 201412:08 pm

my ad says: off 1, buy 1 with digital coupon & card


July 17, 201401:32 pm

I compared this weeks wording with the ad from two weeks ago where the Digital Coupons clearly stated it could be used 5 times in a single transaction. The wording stating up to 5 times is under the "Download Super Savings" heading of that section. If they don't work 5 times, all you should need to do is show Customer Service the wording on the ad and they should make it right.


July 17, 201410:55 am

My ad says use up to 5 times in one transaction, but the coupon on Kroger's website is not worded that way. Anyone tried this deal?


July 17, 201412:40 pm

I had the same question- I am confused by the ad myself. I don't want to just use the coupon once and miss out on buying 4 more if that's the way its supposed to be.


July 17, 201411:06 am

I'm seeing the same thing with the Digital coupons when you load them the website. Haven't tried them yet, but I'll be sure to have an ad with me and be ready to head straight to Customer Service after checking out if it doesn't work on more than one item. Since this is a two week sale, might be worth waiting a few days to see if Kroger changes the digital coupon.