FREE Brawny Paper Towels at Kroger

How about some straight up FREE paper towels people!!!?? Now, I know you're excited about this because my inbox has been FULL UP of you guys asking when Brawny would be 10/$10 again. So now…wonder no more!! And get excited!! And get your butt to Kroger already!

But first, grab your Redplum coupon inserts that would have been in the June 29th newspaper and HOPEFULLY (not everyone receives the same coupons) you have some of these $2/2 coupons that are valid on ANY size !! Says it right on the coupon. Boom. You have through 7/29 to get this deal.

FREE Brawny Paper Towels at Kroger

Do you have to buy 10 items in a 10/$10 sale? Watch THIS VIDEO to find out!

According to the Kroger Corporate Coupon Policy, you should be able to use 5 of these coupons PER transaction but each store has the authority to set their own limitations so you may want to check before loading up your cart.

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Heather Fields

July 22, 201411:50 pm

This sale seems to be cycling through the regions - it actually starta here tomorrow!


July 22, 201412:59 pm

Where can I found these coupons?

Heather Fields

July 20, 201403:01 pm

These are $1.59 in Richmond,KY. Of course I had ordered extra q's too.


July 24, 201409:11 am

I did the same thing and same price here in Indiana but they just went 10/$10 today for us. Woohoo!!


July 20, 201403:58 pm

where did u order em from

Heather Fields

July 22, 201411:48 pm



July 18, 201403:29 pm

The $1.00 coupon worked for me. They were on sale for $1.39. Paid .39 The cashier scanned the coupon and it took it off even though it said 6 or larger. I didn't question it. :)

Lakisha Smith

July 18, 201402:17 pm

Has anyone found the Brawny 10/10 in the Houston area?


July 18, 201401:10 pm

In my 6/29RP I also got $1/6pk or larger Cincinnati area here :(


July 17, 201406:39 pm

If anyone has these and they wanna trade LMK!!! ASAP!!!


July 17, 201402:22 pm

Is there a website to print the $2/2?


July 17, 201411:08 am

Also does anyone know about Alaska. My son is in the military and I'm trying to tell him but not sure what's out there


July 17, 201411:06 am

In phoenix Az they aren't on sale either. I checked yesterday and my coupon say $2/2 no size restriction. Also just in my area I did not get the p&g. Grrr

Laura Y

July 29, 201408:33 pm

would like to buy your coupons if you still have some please let me know my email is

Amy C

July 17, 201409:41 am

Well I just checked my coupon and I guess the DFW area isn't as nice. My coupon is for $1/1 and it clearly states 6pk or larger :(


July 17, 201409:19 am

Ok where are they 10/10 at plz need to know? Ky


July 17, 201407:03 am

They were 10/10 two weeks ago in Ar. It wasn't in their weekly ad but the price on the shelf was $1. Was able to get 16 rolls paid $1.44.


July 16, 201410:41 pm

people are selling these q's for $15 per ten coupons :(


July 16, 201406:49 pm

My Kroger does not have them on sale 10/10....


July 17, 201401:03 am

They are not on sale for $1.00 each at my Harrisburg, IL store either.


July 16, 201406:42 pm

Anyone know if utah smiths has 10/10?


July 17, 201408:14 pm

I dont know :/ would like to know also were i could find more of these coupons somewhere only got 2 of em


July 16, 201405:26 pm



July 16, 201404:19 pm

Where are these 10 for $10? I'm in Arkansas and we usually mirror Ohio deals and sales, but this one we didn't :( surprised, but just curious what regions got the sale?


July 16, 201403:40 pm

Does anyone have the $2/2 coupon and won't be using them? I love, love, love these paper towels and sadly didn't get the q. I'dI'd be willing to trade. Or if anyone knows of a clipping service that has these particular coupons in stock, please let me know. Thank you all.

Susan K.

July 16, 201402:27 pm

They are $1.39 in Plano, TX.


July 16, 201402:11 pm

Ppl that got the $1/6pk or larger mudt be from texas.THATS WHAT I.GOT.:-( But i got the $2/2 and it was a hassle but worth it .I GOT 50 FREE ROLLS .AND PAID TAX OF COURSE.AND YES HERE THEX HAVE 10/10 BRAWNY AGAIN.OH WELL HAVE ENOUGHT PAPER TOWELS FOR AWHILE.


July 16, 201401:00 pm

Anybody that can't use their coupons because their store doesn't have them on sale. Would you be willing to trade or sale? Thanks


July 16, 201412:57 pm

-$1 on 6-pk or larger - and I AM EXHAUSTED FROM LOOKING FOR THESE. Pooh!


July 16, 201412:33 pm

I have the coupon for $2 off 2 but they were marked $1.99 at my Frys Store in Casa Grande, AZ.


July 16, 201405:23 pm

Penny would you wanna trade for anything? i will mail out today...

M. Monique

July 16, 201411:45 am

I have the $2/2, any size but here in Flint, Mi the price for single rolls are posted as $1.59 thru 8/17 :-(


July 17, 201404:29 pm

which paper from flint mi,,, i am also in michigan but , warren and we had the $1 of 6 pack


July 16, 201405:24 pm

Monique would you want to trade for anything.. i will mail out today.


July 16, 201411:13 am

I am not for sure on this one because a pack means a group of something. If it said package than yes . Did it scan ok for the 1 package?


July 16, 201411:01 am

I don't see where to print the coupon for brawny


July 16, 201411:04 am

It's not a printable coupon. It was in the June 29th Red Plum insert.


July 16, 201410:26 am

No luck here either.

Jon Hiller

July 16, 201410:23 am

mine is also $1 off 1 - 6 rolls or larger... bummer. And I have 4 or 5 of these Red Plum, too... double bummer.


July 16, 201410:09 am

Yes it does look like the date says 7/08/14. The 2/2 coupon was regional. Mostly the CA region got those coupons. I hope it is this price because the coupons expire 7/29

Robert Rodriguez

July 16, 201409:57 am

Same here, $1 off a 6 roll or larger pack


July 16, 201409:45 am

Are these still 10/$10? I was in the aisle yesterday and they were marked $1.59 for the single roll. Squinting at the picture above looks like that's the tag from the sale two cycles ago with an end date of 7/08/14

Amy Householder

July 16, 201409:32 am

My coupon says $1 off 1 (6 rolls or more pack) Booooooo!

Amy Householder

July 16, 201409:31 am

My coupon says $1 off 1 (6 rolls or more pack)