kroger digital coupon policy

As you may already know, Kroger Digital coupons CANNOT be stacked with a paper coupon because they are BOTH manufacturer coupons and you can only apply one coupon per item. In the past, the Kroger Digital coupons ALWAYS took precedence over the paper coupon so you had to be careful about what you loaded. You didn’t want to get stuck with a lower value digital coupon coming off your order when you had a higher value paper coupon. Well, GREAT NEWS!! The system is getting a bit more sophisticated where it now will recognize if your paper coupon is higher value and will allow you to use that instead of the digital.


If you have loaded a digital coupon for $0.50 to your Kroger Plus card but want to use a paper coupon for $1, the system will reverse the digital coupon & apply the paper coupon to the order! You will not see this reversal on the receipt, it will just show that the higher value was taken off the item.

You can read all about Kroger Digital coupons along with my recommendations HERE.

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Veronica young

July 5, 201805:25 pm

It's a 5x digital coupon fm Kroger's a store coupon n can it be use with a mfc?for example if I have a item n it's $1up to 5xn I have a $1 mfc can I use them together on 1 item or both are mfc?


December 9, 201601:15 pm

I work at Kroger. We actually had a meeting about coupons this year. They will now accept expired coupons, and take returns without the packaging. Always ask to talk to management. Most of the cashieres are part time and aren't to concerned with policy knowledge.


November 3, 201501:28 pm

I think these digital coupons are the coolest thing, I just discovered them on the Fred Meyer website. At first I thought I had to print up the coupons (it DOES have a button that says print) but knowing it just works when handing the clerk the rewards card is super cool! It says I have $21 of savings with my digital coupons! I was worried I had to choose between normal paper coupons and digital, it's good to know I can use both. But I think this is kind of silly.. Who would put a coupon of lesser value into their card if they had a paper coupon for the same item that was a better value? Kroger probably gave digital coupons precedence because they didn't think anyone would willingly place an inferior coupon into their card!


September 26, 201505:52 am

sometime e coupon and manufacturing coupon work, I know Walgreens online,store coupons and manufactured coupons work together


November 18, 201409:23 am

It also depends on the Kroger. There are 3 Krogers in my county and two of them I know for sure will stack. I think they are supposed to manually take off the digital if you use a paper, but they always override. One of them used to be strict on the not stacking when they first stopped, but the past year or so they always stack mine. I am not sure about the 3rd Kroger.


July 14, 201409:36 am

Where is your source for this information. I'm getting mixed messages on this and can't find anything on their website.


July 13, 201405:35 pm

I did this today had a digital plus a paper and my kroger did not kick out the digital it gave me both??? not sure why thought it would kick out the digital!!!


July 12, 201407:07 am

I didn't realize that Kroger e-coupons were manufacturers coupons. I tried to use a paper manufacturers coupon but also had a same value Kroger e-coupon and she handed the paper one back to me and said this was already taken off electronically. Mine also doesn't double anymore.


February 11, 201511:39 am

hi I got into an argument with the checker at my Kroger store when she used a .50 cent e-coupon over the 7.00 paper one I handed her. I was told to go home and delete any e-coupons I do not wish to use. My response was ok, sounds like you don't want my business. I got my 7.00 coupon back and walked out on almost 300.00 in groceries. It was 3 hours I will never get back. I will never shop at that Kroger again. It is common in Arkansas for Kroger to only take one coupon on any items. (say I am buying 8 of one item, they will only accept 1 coupon unless you go through the line 8 times). They also do not want you watching the amount that comes up as they check you out-they get downright hateful if you catch a wrong price-that happens every time I go shopping! Every time!


July 11, 201411:23 pm

Great with this maybe I will use more then the free digital coupons now as well.

Mrs. Dennis

July 11, 201408:11 pm

*Live near, not love. Well I do love near there, too, but my point here :)

Mrs. Dennis

July 11, 201408:10 pm

I shopped a few weeks ago at my local Kroger using paper coupons & Kroger's ecoupons. I had read several times before that they don't stack coupons, and that they don't double. At my Kroger store not only do they double coupons up to 50 cents, the stack coupons! O Washington thoroughly surprised and ecstatic about seeing this on my receipts! I love near Nashville, TN.


July 11, 201407:50 pm

Although the digital coupon policy has improved, I was told that if a coupon printed from the internet did not scan (whether the scanner was dirty, or the ink on the coupon wasn't dark enough) the cashier was no longer allowed to simply key it in and it would not be won't know until you're actually checking out if the coupon is any good or not!


July 12, 201410:32 am

This is true at my Kroger in Washington Court House. I have been doing this for 2 years and never had very many problems, maybe once or twice a month ONE coupon wouldn't scan. Ever since my kroger stopped doubling the first of May, 98% of my internet coupons won't scan AT ALL, and I never know which ones will work and which ones won't. Sometimes one of two of the same will scan and the other one won't. It's ridiculous.


July 13, 201406:45 am

One of the cashiers actually told me (on the sly) that Kroger is trying to discourage the use of printable coupons. I sure hope this isn't true.


July 11, 201406:14 pm

I like this feature! However...the fuel points used to count towards the total before coupons but now they count the purchase price only - after coupons. I just noticed that today. When did that change?


July 11, 201406:11 pm

i coupon and live in a small town - we have 1 store to shop at and i am tired of shelf clearers. i am frustrated by the changes to the policies - but it leaves it at a more even playing field for those of us who coupon to feed our family.

Honey Smith

July 11, 201406:03 pm

And hopefully this means you won't waste or lose your e coupon. Hoping it will still be there for next time.


July 11, 201405:25 pm

This is good news. But I had a very interesting conversation with a cashier the other day. I was stacking a store coupon with a manufacturer coupon, both paper, and she informed me that I could not do that. I could not use two coupons for the same item regardless of whether they were store of manufacturer coupons. Then came the kicker she then said if one of them was a digital coupon then I could stack them. I was really confused when I left that day.


July 12, 201412:38 am

Interesting, I have a store paper q for $2 off any dish detergent. I loaded the finish e-coupon that can be used up to 5x. I am planning to buy 2 finish gel packs at $2.99@ - (2) $1/1 e-coupons = $3.98. Then I am going to try to use the $2 store paper q. If your cashier was right then it should work. If not, I'll just go buy another finish & use the paper store q.


July 11, 201405:11 pm

Now if we can get Kroger to work on their coupon policy rule where the manager as the right to override the coupon rule of 5 I will be a happy person. I am tired of going into a store and seeing the manager let their friends order tons of an item and then say no! to you.. because you are not their friend

Sharon Cason

July 11, 201404:52 pm

Great news but wish Kroger sales would go back to Sunday to Saturday I don't like the Wednesday thing

Sir Al Kazal

July 11, 201405:22 pm

It is easier for them to get people to come in Wed night to change prices than it is to change them on Saturday night. A lot of the price change (ad set) crew work during the day most the week and then work the ad set on Wed night. It is also easier to set it then for the upcoming weekend when most people shop. If you have to restock the shelves after a BIG hit on Friday / Saturday night AND change prices it gets kind of rough. This allows for the ad to run the whole weekend and for those looking to do the shopping on the weekend to be able to set up to save big on the coming weekend. Fewer people shop on Wed and Thursday than they do on Fri, Sat and Sunday, especially during the holidays.


July 11, 201403:59 pm

I understand some seeing this as great news but I really do not. In my opinion it will just ad more time at checkout and more arguments with cashiers who are not up to date with their own stores policies.


July 11, 201405:37 pm

It doesn't add time at all. It is automatic in the system. The cashier will see that the paper coupon took fine and the digital just goes back to your account. Or, if the digital is higher, it beeps on the paper and the cashier hands it back to you. You get the higher digital. It has been working for me for a week now.


July 11, 201404:41 pm

Steph, I had this happen to me last week and it was painless. I had forgotten I had an ecoupon and handed the cashier a paper coupon. He said the paper was higher value so he'd let me use that one and not apply my ecoupon to the item. Now as for expiration dates on digital vs paper I can't help ya there!


July 11, 201403:33 pm

Good! I hated clipping something and forgetting and wanting to use a higher value paper coupon!


July 11, 201403:28 pm

I have a feeling this was more for Kroger's protection. On a few occasions, I've neglected to look at my digital coupons and have handed over a paper coupon that's the same as the digital. I only noticed the identical eCoupon afterwards when reviewing my receipt. In every instance, the cashier overrode the error and accepted the coupon. Making the system more intelligent will help Kroger eliminate errors by the cashiers in accepting two coupons on one item. For awhile, Meijer's has been prompting customers on the signature pads to pick which coupon they want to use in the event of duplicate digital and paper coupons.


July 11, 201403:36 pm

I love that meijers system does that though....and you can compare expiration dates, and not just value. One of my krogers has had the new keypads for several months, and saw my two others just upgraded. I was hoping for a change, but they still have a long way to go to keep up.


July 11, 201403:22 pm

Great, now if we can get them to let us stack them or bring back double coupons.


July 14, 201411:55 am

Bring back? Our store brings all coupons to a dollar.


July 11, 201403:11 pm

This is GREAT news! Thanks for the update! No more going through and taking coupons off my card every time I go shopping!


July 11, 201402:58 pm