Kroger Mega Event webinar

UPDATE: If you missed the event, you can view the recording HERE.

So, on a whim today I decided we should do a webinar THIS Wednesday where I’ll talk about all things Kroger Mega Event, which as you probably already know is starting again this week! I’m kinda freaking out because I’ve never done one before, so I figured I’d better post about it before I chickened out. #accountability

Kroger Mega Event webinar

This will be just me on camera, so feel free to show up in your pajamas! Nobody will be able to see or hear you, but you will have access to a chat box where we’ll answer your questions. This is a great opportunity for those of you who are new to Kroger Mega Event shopping, and pass it along to your friends who maybe want to get started. Let’s rock this mega event together!

If you can’t make it live, it will also be recorded. Let’s hope for no technical difficulties!!

In the meantime, check out my  “How to shop a Kroger Mega Event” tutorial post and video.

Also, if you’re brand new to couponing please read through my Getting Started series to make sure you have your basic couponing skills DOWN. This is not a couponing for beginners class. We will just be focusing on the mega event.

I am utilizing Spreecast for this event, so you may want to head over there and sign up now so you’re ready for the show!

Click HERE to join the event on Wednesday

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July 30, 201409:48 pm

Nothing there to watch...

Camille Willis

July 30, 201408:35 pm

I wanted to know if I could work my revlon qs in to get some good deals?


July 30, 201408:05 pm

Its not letting me watch it.

David Lotze

July 29, 201411:41 pm

Cant register either

Pat Tringelof

July 29, 201409:42 pm

It won't let me register


July 29, 201407:33 am

Okay download the app hangouts

Donna Moore

July 29, 201401:40 am

How do we register for the Mega Event? Can I do it on my Note 3 phone?

dianne lewelling

July 29, 201412:42 am

It won't let me rsvp on video July 30th


July 29, 201412:29 am

Can't register

Kyla Paratchek

July 29, 201412:20 am

Can't register


July 29, 201412:20 am

It wont let me register


July 29, 201412:16 am

How long does the Mega Event go on? And when does this one begin?


July 29, 201408:53 pm

Krystie, we have a new one starting Wed (7/30) and it always runs for 2 weeks.


July 29, 201412:13 am

I couldn't register, but when I downloaded, my WebCam came on and I could see myself in it. LOL!

Paula Cunningham

July 29, 201412:05 am

Me to

Edith Alanis

July 28, 201411:56 pm

Same here


July 28, 201411:53 pm

How do you register every time I click the link it just goes to the site but doesn't let me register.