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I'm going to give you another print and save deal for WEDNESDAY (7/16) for Honey Bunches of Oats (18 oz or higher) cereal. These will be on sale starting with our new sale cycle and we have this awesome Catalina to mix with it. Coupon is pre-clipped at 77477. I will be testing this deal early Wednesday morning and will be updating you (but there is NO reason why it shouldn't work)!

post cereal kroger ad

7/6 – 8/2 | Post Cereal (6 oz or larger)
Buy (2) = $1.00 OYNO
Buy (3) = $2.00 OYNO
Buy (4) = $3.00 OYNO

honey bunches coupon

Deal Scenario based on 2 “like” printable coupons:

We also have a coupon from June's All You Magazine. If you have this then you can grab an even better deal.

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July 19, 201404:59 pm

So has anyone else tried this already? I went yesterday and bought 4 boxes with coupons and still didn't get a $3 catalina? Is this a for sure deal? It wasn't advertised in the store but I was counting on that it would at least print at the register. What should I do? I am a new shopper to Kroger so haven't dealt with this situation before. SOMEBODY HELP PLEASE!!! :/


July 18, 201402:40 am

Thanks Louisa!I'm gonna try this later :)


July 17, 201412:44 am

I am sure Katie is even hesitant to comment on this deal working because of the irrelevant drama surrounding a coupon :(


July 17, 201412:36 am

coupon police alert @ heatherp seriously lighten up if the coupon works it is legit way more serious problems in life! who do you represent?


July 16, 201406:47 pm

I tried it and yes, it worked. I got $2 back catalina and the coupons worked.


July 16, 201405:51 pm

So who has tried this? Did it work?


July 16, 201403:59 pm

And if the coupon absolutely should not have been valid on the smaller size boxes...then why did they work? No beeping, nothing.


July 16, 201403:53 pm

Heather-if the coupon goes through their system without beeping, then in my opinion it is a valid coupon. Please stop with this "fraud" business. I know people who do coupon fraud, this is not even close. I NEVER would have insisted that the store take the coupon if it hadn't went through seemlessly. I tried and it worked. So....valid coupon. I 100% believe they will be reimbursed for the coupon. It IS for the Honey bunches of oats...just a tiny bit smaller box. No big deal IMO.

Heather P

July 16, 201410:13 pm

The coupon specifically says 18 oz or larger. It also says "any other use constitutes fraud." Those aren't my words. It is the coupon word. It doesn't matter if it goes through Krogers computers or not. You didn't buy the correct product and you used a wrong coupon. That isn't an opinion. That is a fact. By the way, just because it went through with no beeps, that doesn't mean that Krogers will get reimbursed for allowing an incorrect coupon to go through. You are forgetting about that part. Why do you assume they would get reimbursed with the coupon says 18 oz or larger and that wasn't the item that was bought?


July 16, 201412:12 pm

OK- It WORKED FOR ME. The coupons are for the Honey Bunches of Oats family size which were not on sale. So I just decided to see if the coupons would work on the regular size boxes for the heck of it. They worked! On sale for $1.99, saved $1 per box with coupons, bought four boxes, got $3 coupon back! Try it and see if it works.

Heather P

July 16, 201403:28 pm

Penny, please don't encourage coupon fraud. The coupon isn't for the regular size boxes and shouldn't be used for it.


July 16, 201411:37 am

POST cereal coupons does not work for this deal as 18.7OZ family size boxes are not on sale. Kroger does not take Walmart wording coupons.


July 16, 201403:26 pm

Your store might not take these coupons, but they should. It isn't against the company's coupon policy.


July 15, 201402:46 pm

Just received kroger michigan ad in the mail today. It states $1.99 kelloggs cereals 10.7 - 18.7 oz OR post cereal 11-14.5 oz. So you won't get as good a deal as laid out above unless you have multiple coupons from the all you magazine.


July 18, 201403:20 pm

Heather, Delta Kroger had the same wording. I'm with you. I don't believe it is ethical to try to use this coupon on the wrong size box. Even though some here may think it is technically legal, that does not make it ethical.


July 15, 201409:39 pm

The Kroger mobile app shows the same which means the post printable won't work for this deal.


July 14, 201405:17 pm

I'm confused how to use this printable coupon when it prints out with "Redeemable at Walmart" under the image of the Honey Bunches of Oats? Will Kroger accept such a coupon?


July 14, 201402:19 pm

Based on the scenerios provided above, I should be able to use 4 printed coupons and get $3 back for a total of $0.24 each correct? I see you stated: based on 2 “like” printable coupons, however, I do not see anything restricting the use of more than 2 printed on the coupon. Does Kroger restrict 2 "like" printed coupons?


July 14, 201401:55 pm

I see on the Catalina that the Fruity Pebbles are included. Do you know if they are included in the $1.99 sale price? I know there's no coupons but my son loves this cereal so $5/4 boxes is a good deal for me.


July 14, 201410:36 am

The honey bunches of oats pictured is not the family size. The coupon states 18 oz or larger, which is tha family size boxes. Not sure this deal will work?


July 14, 201412:41 pm

The one pictured in the Kroger ad states up to 18.7 ounce size. The coupon states 18 ounce or larger so it should work since the size meets the coupon requirement.


July 14, 201402:23 pm

Yes, but it looks like several varieties are going to be included. The regular size of the "sugary" cereals (like Frosted Flakes) tend to have more ounces in them. The regular size of Post Honey Bunches of Oats has 14.5 oz. I'm going to wait to print because I don't think the Value Size boxes of Honey Bunches of Oats(18 oz+) will be included in this $1.99 deal.


July 14, 201410:26 am

I see the print, but it says under it at available at walmart and my Kroger will NOT allow me to use these at the store, ugh!


July 14, 201409:45 am

Not showing up for me either.

Michelle C

July 14, 201409:27 am

Prints are gone :(


July 14, 201411:28 am

Michelle & Steph, the coupon is still there. Make sure you've changed your zip code to 77477 and then refresh the page or click my direct link again.

Jenny Prizgint

July 14, 201408:57 am

How does this work- how do I print them?


July 14, 201411:28 am

Jenny, click the coupon link (underlined text) in my deal scenario.