Private Selection Catalina

We have a Private Selection Catalina generating at Kroger right now. These pints of ice cream weren't marked (but shown in Catalina printout) but I had my eye on the variety you see above so I decided to test it out.  Yay!  It worked and NO coupons are needed!!

private selection catalina1

7/6 – 7/30 | Private Selection Frozen Items
Buy (3) = $2.50 OYNO

Private Selection Ice Cream

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Bob Eder

March 6, 201811:37 am

Enjoy this ice cream but would like to see a black cherry similar to Strohs black cherry in your one pint containers>

Karen H

July 28, 201406:26 pm

Didn't work for me either. I'm in the Flint, MI area and I bought 3 bags of the PS frozen vegetables on 7-26. No Catalina came up....unless the cashier forgot to give it to me. I'm bummed.


July 20, 201410:41 pm

did not work for me, i'm in houston.


July 20, 201402:09 pm

I went yesterday, purchased 2 ice creams and 1 sorbet, did not receive the Catalina. should I contact Catalina or take the receipt back to Kroger (Smiths where I am - maybe thats the problem its regional - I'm in NV)?


July 15, 201408:02 pm

My kroger only gave a catilina for 3 sorbet flavors that were 3/$5 but not the ice cream. The only ice cream they included were the big ones that cost way more :(


July 15, 201410:23 pm

Bummer! I did this deal with 1 pint sized ice cream and 2 of the sorbets and got the catalina.


July 15, 201411:42 pm

It worked for me. I bought the small pints and my kids loved the fact that they got their own ice cream. :-)


July 15, 201402:36 pm

I bought 3 PS ice creams & 3 PS frozen veggies yesterday that were all tagged as part of this deal. I'm just now realizing that I didn't get the Catalina! Can I take my receipt to customer service to get them?

Kathryn K

July 14, 201408:17 pm

products that it might work on:


July 14, 201407:02 pm

This worked for me today too! and the tag clearly says 'ALL Private Selection Frozen items.' I'll be stocking up on vegetables too!


July 14, 201404:58 pm

I did this today and got the sorbet flavors, we don't care for ice cream much. Worked great. I had a previous cat from something worth $3, so I paid $2 plus tax and got $2.50 back.


July 14, 201404:12 pm

Any one know if we can roll this coupon? Can I pay $5 for first order then use the cat for next order and only pay $2.50


July 15, 201411:29 pm

I grabbed PS frozen veggies and an ice cream yesterday and used that cat to purchase three more pints today. Got another 2.50 cat back, so yes they roll!


July 14, 201402:05 pm

Is it limit one? Or if you buy six will it give two coupons?


July 15, 201409:47 am

I was wondering the same thing. We love ice cream at our house and I would like to purchase more.


July 14, 201411:27 am

So it looks like that includes all frozen Private Selection items, including veggies. Is this correct??


July 14, 201411:35 am

yes is a great deal in frozen veggies


July 14, 201412:43 pm

yes, definitely a great deal, if you haven't used your digital coupon yet. With the digital coupon they are .99 at my store - So .50 for 3 bags!


July 14, 201412:46 pm

OOopss.. different brand. Dang. LOL


July 14, 201411:16 am

Is it just those 3 flavors?


July 14, 201411:37 am

no ,includes all private selection frozen products, including all flavors in ice cream pints great deal