I wanted to do a something a little different starting this week.  Many of us have a dream of having our own stockpile so I wanted to help you out. If you buy the items I suggest each week, not only will you save TONS but you will slowly start to add to your dream stockpile.  Then you'll soon have a stockpile you can show off to friends and family – except the ones that like to load up their trunks before they leave!


This is a picture of my VA, Kendra's, stockpile (and just one part of it).  One that she needs to clean up desperately. Her words, not mine!

I am going to start off the first week with non-perishable items.  At this point, you will be buying 25 items and will only be paying $7.36 which is roughly $0.29 per item!

Deal Scenario:

:: Items to Buy

:: Coupons to Use

Read more on Stockpiling and how to match coupons with sales here.

Love our readers
I love hearing from you! If you do this deal, please be sure to leave a comment and give this post a share. Thank you for showing up every day. I have the absolute BEST readers.

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July 31, 201411:07 pm

When can we expect week 2?

Stephanie Connery-Wilson

July 27, 201410:09 pm

Hello! I think this is a GREAT idea! I have been couponing for just about a year now and still have a hard time finding those "rock bottom" deals to build a decent stockpile. I was wondering if this list will come out every Friday? Thank you so much!


July 27, 201411:27 am

How often do you make this shopping list, my daughter and I would like to start this and have no idea where to start, I seen where some of the coupons were from June should we start by collecting coupons then watch your site for list to start??????


July 26, 201410:39 pm

I just wanted to thank you, this does help a lot. I hope you do this often to help us begginers. You are very apriciated.


July 26, 201411:00 am

I love stockpiling..I have been working on mine for almost two years now and it is pretty amazing. It does take time to get built up but so worth it in the end. Thank you for the added section to your website it will help a ton.


July 26, 201410:51 am

Thank you soo much for doing this!! I've just started couponing since I found you on facebook and this has really saved my family a lot of money!! Thank you again!!!

soyla martinez

July 26, 201410:09 am

I've never ever couponed in my life but I want to start. Where would I get these coupons?


July 27, 201412:19 am

I get them from the Sunday paper. I buy 4, shop for my husband and myself. It's plenty for the two of us.


July 26, 201408:24 am

I love this. Can't wait till you start the food. I am pretty well stocked with the non perishables, but I am teaching my daughter how to coupon, so I see a stock up for her. Thanks Deidre I love your site.


July 26, 201408:01 am

What a great post! Thanks!


July 26, 201407:48 am

Tasha here's a link for P&G insers Right now they are selling for $.50 a insert and they are shipped priority mail. I order from all the time. Does anyone know of a clipping service that sells the Brawny 2/$2.00? I've tried several and they are selling the $1.00 coupon for 6 ct or higher. The coupon I already have. Kroger did change their coupon policy that you can use 5. Katie has the coupon policy on the website.


July 26, 201402:49 am

Omg thank you for the info that will help me out since im s beginner


July 26, 201402:17 am

LOVE THIS !!!!! Thank You ! :)

Kimberly F

July 26, 201401:30 am

Thank you so much for this! I mean seriously. You are the best. Now to all those saying but my Kroger only allows two like coupons or whatever, this is just a suggestion. It still works if you only use two like coupons or however many you are restricted to per visit. So either make multiple visits or only get a few at a time. It works out I promise. Some of us live in areas where we don't get all the really good coupons, like the $2 off 2 Brawny Paper Towels. You could always check out clipping services to see if they have any left. But no matter how you get your coupons remember to ALWAYS follow the restrictions printed on the coupons themselves and any rules your particular Kroger may have in place. People who break the rules just make it harder for the rest of us trying to do things correctly. Oh and don't stress about getting every single deal that shows up. Especially if you are new to the couponing world. It will burn you out super fast.


July 26, 201401:29 am

The Angel Soft is only good on the double rolls, not the single rolls.

Stephanie Lucero

July 25, 201410:54 pm

I am new to couponing I love all the info, times are hard, recently lost 3 of my family members to cancer, so times are very hard and trying right now, I'm turning my spare time to learning how to stockpile! Thank you for all your wisdom on couponing!!!


July 25, 201410:19 pm

Where is the angel soft coupon???:):)


July 25, 201410:13 pm

OMG! I thought I loved you before, but I love you more now!!! You are awesome!


July 25, 201409:46 pm

How can we use the$2/2 , wouldn't we have to buy 6 items? You only have 3 listed. I don't have most of these coupons, but the ones I do I'll use! I'm excited to build my stockpile each week. Thank you for this!


July 25, 201409:12 pm

My area Krogers limit you to 2 coupons per like item. This would mean 3 separate trips..

Kim in AZ

July 25, 201407:52 pm

I'm new to your site so I apologize if I missed seeing this somewhere - but, where do you suggest getting your inserts to maximize your out of pocket expense on coupons? Do you suggest buying multiple papers via either subscription or in store? Or, buying inserts from a clipping service? Or something else? :) I love the idea of this deal, but I don't have inserts from the end of June - and it seems too late to get them now.


July 25, 201406:02 pm

The new mega sale event will be BUY 5, save $5! Pamper wipes will be .99 (if you buy 5) after .50 coupon, .49. Great deal to stock up on these.-if you have babies


July 25, 201405:59 pm

I love this! Awesome idea for us beginners :) Wish I could get my hands on that secret P&G coupon though. Can we do all of this in 1 transaction?


July 25, 201406:30 pm

YES! :)

Connie Dunbar

July 25, 201405:58 pm



July 25, 201405:49 pm

Generally, kroger only limits 3 like coupons if they are going to double, there isn't a limit, to my knowledge otherwise :-) so using five $1 coupons shouldn't be an issue.

Donnie Ward

July 25, 201407:24 pm

My Kroger (Dillons) limits to 4 (or 5) like coupons per transaction. Only hit the limit once so I can't remember which it is.


July 25, 201405:25 pm

My daughter and I are new to couponing. We are so glad for all of this information. Thank you so much for all that you are providing. It can be a bit overwhelming. I am learning our stores' coupon policies. To keep from being too overwhelmed I'd like to start off small like what you are doing here. It will help build our confidence in couponing and help us become familiar with it at the same time. Thank you!!!

Melissa Palmer

July 25, 201405:24 pm

Thank you .. love this idea you have came up with.. we have been in the process of remodeling my childhood home and excited to have my old bedroom a walk in pantry .. so ready to start my stock pile...

Kim Kenny

July 25, 201405:18 pm

This will almost work for Kroger doesn't allow more than 3 like coupons though :(


July 25, 201405:10 pm

Love this! Thanks!

Tracy Keil

July 25, 201405:00 pm

Thank you!!! Those words just do not fully express my gratitude! This is so cool that you so all of this for us. Thank you and to all the people that help you. I am actually teaching a Couponing class Monday and will incorporate this to the girls! Thanks!

Jessie Pierce

July 25, 201404:47 pm

How do you use the printable coupon websites without getting viruses on your computer?


July 26, 201412:36 pm

I have tried and tried on multiple machines, multiple times. It just won't work. This is all very fishy if you ask me. For example, it says "use this coupon for Angel Soft" and I click on the coupon, it takes me to Angel Soft's Facebook page - Latino, no less. No reason for it to be this difficult which means it is pretty much a scam for spyware/viruses.


July 26, 201407:09 pm

The links that Katie posts are all legit links. I've bought the Angel Soft with those exact coupons prior to this newest post. In answer to Jessie: If you believe you're getting viruses on your computer by using coupon printing websites, then chances are extremely good that you already had viruses on your computer beforehand. I frequent just about every coupon printing website that there is from 10+ different computers and not one of them has ever had a virus from using them. I highly suggest you download spybot S&D, a freeware spyware detection and removal tool, along with Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, a similar tool. Both of those will clean your computer up for free and hopefully put an end to your issue. In response to Mike: Your assumption that a coupon that comes from a non-English source is a "scam for spyware/viruses" is uneducated at best and highly racist at worst. As far as I can tell, the link for the facebook app no longer works because their coupon promotion has ended and you missed the boat. Someone please do correct me if I'm wrong here. I've already printed from all available computers, so I could be misinformed about this. If you hang around, you can get a LOT of great deals from listening to Katie's advice.


July 27, 201404:19 pm

I echo David's response. I've never had any issues with viruses and I use the major coupon printing websites often (, Smart Source, Red Plum, etc). Most require that you've downloaded the coupon printing software, but I've never had an issue with it and viruses either. The Angel Soft coupon that is in spanish still works (I've used it in a store before with no issues) -- not sure why Mike would believe it doesn't. The coupon is about the bar code that scans. Now, certainly a store can exercise their right not to accept it, but just because it's in Spanish does not all of a sudden make it fishy. However, if that's your reason for not printing it -- I don't think any of us who will print and use it will mind -- that means more opportunity for us to print and use! There are still .25/1 any Angel soft bath tissue coupons available on the Angel Soft website: And to respond to your comment about it being difficult, please know couponing does require some time and effort, but the benefits are HUGE. I always tell people that with couponing (like anything), if you don't find some enjoyment in it, you will not continue to do it. There are so many great resources (like Katie's website) that make couponing much easier for those of us who don't do it full-time. Just because something doesn't make sense to you or you don't understand it doesn't make it a scam.


July 25, 201404:43 pm

Sounds great and Thanks for all you do


July 25, 201404:40 pm

Angel Soft coupon to save 25 cents off any (my Kroger doubles - yay!):


July 25, 201404:33 pm

Love this new idea!! As said above you do so much already!! Well, I want to say it is really appreciated!! My Safeway has a limit of 4 coupons on the same item and my Frys a limit of 3, but sometimes it depends on the cashier.


July 25, 201404:25 pm



July 25, 201404:24 pm

My Kroger only take 3 @ like per day. But I love the idea.


July 25, 201404:02 pm

Great idea - thank you so much!!! The angel soft site is in spanish, do you know where to go to get the coupons?? :)


July 25, 201403:55 pm

I really like the stockpile section you have added. You do so much already ty ty ty


July 25, 201403:53 pm

Didn't Kroger just change their coupon policy so you can only use 4?


July 25, 201403:48 pm

Brawny coupons have a limit of 3 per day on them, at least mine do.