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Blue Bunny Frozen Ice Cream ONLY $0.99 with Kroger Mega Sale!

2014 12:37 pm

Blue Bunny

The Blue Bunny Treats are also part of the Kroger Mega Sale for $1.99-$2.99 so depending on what you pick up you'll going to get a nice deal!  These are zip code specific so make sure you change your zip code to grab these coupons (listed below in deal scenario)!

blue bunny coupons


BUT WAIT!! These coupons state “Redeem at Giant (and other stores)”!!! Can I still use it at Kroger? YES!!! It is a regular manufacturer coupon that can be redeemed anywhere regardless of the suggestion/advertising. Read more about store logos on coupons. If your store refuses to take these, it may be worth your time to educate them. They WILL be reimbursed by the manufacturer.

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  2. Janice S. says:

    When a coupon says, “Redeemable at Giant” or any other store, does that mean that particular coupon can ONLY be used at that particular store?

  3. These coupons say that there is a maximum of 2 identical coupons allowed in the same shopping trip. If I print 2 from each of the different zip codes would those be 6 of the same, or are they different coming from the different zip codes?

  4. I’m still having a hard time finding this… ?? Help please

  5. if one of the coupons have the target logo can i use that coupon at kroger. or the albertsons one etc

  6. I just did this deal and I’m so disappointed! I saw it on another blog and they didn’t mention that the price ranges from $1.99-$2.99. They just said, “.99 cents with coupon!” The novelties that are on sale for the .99 cents are the ones that have the Splenda in them. My store only had 2 varieties that didn’t have Splenda and they ended up being $1.99 each after all the coupons and promotions!


    • My Kroger does, Nancy, since it is a manufacturer’s coupon that they WILL get reimbursed for. It’s not wrong at all. It’s unfortunate that your store doesn’t understand that, but don’t paint every store with the same brush. I have been an avid couponer for many years and do not engage in practices that are fraudulent. Ever.

      • Stephenie says:

        I was able to use the coupons up until the other day. When the old man cashier questioned it after I tried to explain it to him. He then called over the manager and the manager said they DID NOT take them. I wasn’t very happy about it because I had used them MULTIPLE times, but there isn’t really anything I can do about it since the store manager himself refused to take it. Not to mention since I was already at checkout it screwed up my mega event items. =/

  8. What zip should I use?

  9. This is probably a dumb question, but when the coupon says frozen NOVELTY, does that include the ice cream or just the bars and popsicles? I want to just pick up some tubs of ice cream for my family rather than the individually wrapped things.

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