Red Baron

We have a new Red Baron Pizza coupon to print this morning. There is a small sale on these so print up while you can.

Red Baron coupon

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August 22, 201412:50 pm

Please bare with me as I am still new and trying to figure out a few things in the coupon world :) The coupon I see says walmart, Will Kroger still honor it? Thanks again for any help.


August 24, 201406:35 pm

theresa, yes, that is just advertising....but there are some kroger stores that are uneducated on them, and they will not accept them(they are just manufacturers coupons with advertising that walmart paid to have put on them, but only time a coupon should not be accepted would be if it says redeemable ONLY at walmart....if you go to kroger krazy couponing for beginners tab at the top, katie goes into great detail on teaching step by step couponing for new couponers just starting out and learning..hope that helps :)


August 22, 201412:21 pm

Even better deal out there. Kroger has ecoupon for B3G1 free. Makes them $2.50 each!


August 23, 201401:28 am

I don't see this coupon. The only Red Baron coupon it's showing me is for the Elite pizzas and doesn't apply to these. It says: "Save $1.00 on FRESCHETTA® & RED BARON® Elite when you buy any ONE (1) FRESCHETTA® or RED BARON® Elite Pizza (14.6-31.45 oz)."


August 23, 201409:31 am

It's there. I have it in my area northern Indiana. You have to go to digital coupons section and download the coupon to your Kroger shoppers plus card. I hope this helps :O)


August 23, 201405:50 pm

Nope, I know how to find coupons on, but unfortunately the only Red Baron showing up in my account is the one I mentioned above. I'm in Nashville, TN.


August 23, 201405:53 pm

I don't even have a Country Crock one either. What a crock! :P


August 23, 201405:50 pm

But thanks for trying to help! :)


August 23, 201410:16 am

In my area it's in between Country Crock spread and Campbell's soup digital coupon on the digital coupon list. :O)