garnier coupon

UPDATE: The printable coupon has reached it's overall print limit and is no longer available. 

Hurry hurry your fingers to print this new $2 Garnier Fructis coupon!! Many of us received this same coupon in today's Redplum insert as well, so you'll have plenty of opportunity to stock up!! These are just $1.99 with the Kroger Mega Event (through 9/16 for most of us). Um, that's called FREE!! 🙂

garnier coupon


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September 9, 201403:23 pm

Are the cleansers and moisturizers on sale or just hair care?


September 9, 201401:30 pm

You are not allowed to copy coupons...ever. It is considered fraud. Please don't do it. It is why some stores do not accept internet coupons. And the store will not be reimbursed for copied coupons.


September 8, 201402:38 pm

kathy, you can not copy coupons, it is fraud


September 8, 201401:21 pm

hey doesanyone have an extra coupon, I think I could copy off the one you have if you have an extra, thanks


September 10, 201405:35 pm

Kathy, thats a good way to get banned from the store!!


September 8, 201406:54 am

RedPlum coupons go fast, if you see a deal for a freebie print asap. I did get one coupon in the inserts.


September 7, 201410:14 pm

the ones printing from that link is for cleansers & moisterizers :(


September 7, 201411:13 pm

I tried to print mines when they were available but it was stating "We are working to gather your coupons and never print them."


September 7, 201410:23 pm

It was for the shampoo earlier but it's no longer available.This is what I see when I go to the page the shampoo coupon was on. "We're sorry, the popularity of that coupon has exceeded our expectations. If you're looking for more printable coupons, check out the full list here."


September 7, 201410:24 pm

I only got 2 before they took it down :(


September 7, 201409:34 pm

these weren't on my Kroger's buy give get five :( macon, Ga neither was the panteen and the shave gel, herbal ess body wash and wipes had cleared shelves already :(


September 7, 201406:39 pm

I did not get the coupon in my inserts and I can't find it to print it! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr....


September 7, 201406:37 pm

I couldn't find this coupon to print and it wasn't in our insert either. :-( the coupon that is showing up is for cleanser or moisturizer :-(


September 7, 201406:36 pm

We got this coupon on the last cycle in lex, shampoos, conditoners and many hairsprays to last a while, of course until the next cycle! Plus the styling lotion. I think this coupon rotates regions.


September 8, 201405:51 am

Good point.


September 7, 201405:13 pm

43055 didn't work either ... only > SAVE $2.00 on any ONE (1) Garnier® Nutrisse® Haircolor or Color Styler


September 7, 201406:37 pm

theyve changed it to 2.00 off other products and there are 2 different coupons now.


September 7, 201405:01 pm

Got 4 today free...


September 7, 201403:27 pm

I can't find the Garnier coupon to print. Guess it's gone already. I will have to wait for my inserts to arrive... :-(


September 7, 201408:52 pm

better use them quickly, Kroger will up the price.


September 7, 201403:23 pm

I was able to print two this morning, but now they're gone. We also did not receive them in our inserts here in Tennessee. Bummer!!


January 11, 201504:03 pm

I tried to print earlier and it wouldn't let me and not in the Tn Sunday either insert there all gone. Would someone make a copy ad mail me one? This is my favorite shampoo...


September 8, 201404:01 am

Didn't get it my insert either and it's no longer on the website. Bummer!


September 7, 201403:04 pm

So do you just print 5 coupons or can you just print 1. I'm also new to this and just not sure how to get multiple coupons.


September 7, 201403:16 pm

You print 1 at a time. Once it prints, you go back and select it again. Sometimes if you hit your back button, it will reprint, but if you want to select other coupons to print with that one, then don't hit the back button.


September 7, 201402:29 pm

I think the coupon is gone.


September 7, 201402:22 pm

There is no coupon to print and there is no coupon in redplum, someone needs to get the right information.


September 7, 201405:54 pm

The coupon is gone online and printed coupons are regional. Someone needs to post on public forums with a better attitude.


September 7, 201402:46 pm

Nancy, if you did not get this coupon in your insert it is most likely because it is a regional coupon so not everyone will get it and the printable is probably also only available for certain zip codes. It is not that her information is wrong so need to be rude, probably just a regional q. My zip is 43055 and I found the coupon with no problem.


September 7, 201402:30 pm

I printed 2 just this morning. I had to do two separate transactions though since it is only one coupon per transaction.


September 7, 201402:00 pm

Yes I was wondering what zip code to use for this also. Half of the coupons it seems like aren't showing up for me this week so I am assuming they are different area codes than mine.


September 7, 201401:55 pm

What zip codes are working for the shampoo coupon? Mine is only showing a coupon for Garnier moisturizer or cleanser. Thanks!


September 7, 201401:39 pm

I printed my coupons and went to get this deal and they would not take it because of the 1 penny overage. Ridiculous.


September 7, 201408:55 pm

i complain to the manager, that works for me


September 7, 201409:40 pm

Hey, my store will not take a printable that is worth more than 75% of the value of the product. Just feel fortunate when you get the insert ones in this case.

Claire Beauchamp

September 7, 201401:58 pm

That is so crazy! Ugh


September 7, 201412:27 pm

Hey, I am new to couponing, if I want to use a coupon to get multiple products how does that work when the coupon says "limit one coupon per purchase"? So for the garnier coupon I want to get more than just one thing so do I just print multiple coupons or how does that work?

Nicole G

September 7, 201401:57 pm

That just means one coupon per item. So you have to have a coupon for each one you purchase.


September 7, 201401:50 pm

One coupon per purchase means 1 coupon per item


September 7, 201401:53 pm

For the garnier coupon you would need multiple $2 coupons to use on more than 1 garnier product, if you want 2 garnier products, use 2 coupons


September 7, 201411:45 am

sorry I'm sooo new to this and I'm just trying to make sure i have my facts straight. if i buy 5 with the mega sale ill get $5 off. I get that part, but do i need a $2 off coupon for each 5 items that i have to get all 5 for free or will one $2 off coupon take $2 off each item?

Nicole G

September 7, 201412:01 pm

Yes you need a save 2 coupon for each item to get the free shampoo. If you only have one coupon, you can still get one shampoo for free. You just have to buy 5 participating items to do the buy 5 save 5. It can be anything. Hope this helps.


September 7, 201412:14 pm



September 7, 201411:00 am

coupon says only one per purchase? so in order to get this free, I would need to do the buy 5 get 5 back, and use this and 4 different items? I cant get 5 of these right?


September 7, 201411:23 am

One per purchase means one coupon per item. You are thinking of one per transaction. Hope that helps :)


September 7, 201410:56 am

Boo! I got all excited when I saw this post, too bad Dayton, OH inserts don't have this q! :( I'll try to print a few, but always have problems printing from RP. Thanks Katie!!


September 7, 201401:57 pm

Try using internet explorerer vs. firefox. When I have encountered a problem printing, I have switched to IE and it usually gives me a popup asking if I want to run the program. I hit yes and the coupons print. hth.


September 7, 201410:23 am

what is the zip on this I cant pull it up