YAY!! Here’s a super easy way to save $5 at Kroger with this new $5 off $25 digital coupon you can load straight to your shopper’s card!

  • To get your $5 coupon, CLICK HERE and choose your store
  • Sign in or register for a account
  • Enter the code: DIGITAL (all caps)
  • Click: LOAD TO CARD

Then, simply spend $25 on groceries at Kroger and the $5 will automatically come off at checkout when you scan your Kroger Plus card! You have through 1/7/15 to redeem your coupon.

NOTE: This is a SHAREABLE BzzAgent campaign. Here is what the email says: “Throughout the campaign, you also have access to pass-along digital coupons for $5 off any Grocery Department purchase of $25 or more to encourage friends to sign up for account. Share the savings with friends by copying and pasting this link and tell everyone to use the code DIGITAL.”

(thanks Tonya, Annie & Kara!)

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Marianne Fowler

February 7, 201501:11 am

Why is this posted on February 6 after it was already expired?

Shelby G

November 7, 201407:37 am

Just curious how this $5 off will work with the other $5 off from the mega sale? Will I receive both in one transaction?


November 3, 201404:19 pm

Cant get this coupon. No where to enter the code


October 31, 201401:20 pm

I still have never been able to find where to type DIGITAL. :(


October 31, 201401:21 pm

Oh I see that it has now expired. I couldn't find where to type it yesterday. :(


October 31, 201412:22 pm



October 31, 201409:37 am

VERY sad... I did NOT know that this was a bzzagent deal and loaded it to my card. went back into bzzagent later (unrelated) and my Bzzscore went down to 1.8!!!!! This was the only thing I have done:(


October 31, 201408:52 am

I'm a bzz! Agent and can't even share the coupon now with anyone because you put it on here! ><


November 3, 201408:28 pm

It should have been a unique code like the others! Oh well I guess they didn't entirely learn from the last fiasco.

regina sellers

October 31, 201407:33 am

This does not work!!!

regina sellers

October 31, 201407:38 am

It is sad they put a limit on these. This is why I prefer shopping at Publix. No hassles ever. If Kroger wants business, then they should have plenty for everyone.


October 30, 201411:32 pm

Worked for me the first time. Try getting my mom to get one and it won't let me do it again. So sad, maybe it reached its limit


October 30, 201411:29 pm

Well, I am hooked! First time using your site and coupons plus 5$ off 25$ purchase. Saved 40.00 buckaroos. Thanks so much. Feeling happy


October 30, 201410:36 pm

Hi, I live in colorado, and king soopers is my Kroger store. I was able to load the coupon to my card no problem earlier this afternoon. I have just tried again for my parents, and I am having the same problems everyone seems to be having. I think it's just a computer glitch. Hopefully they will fix this an everyone will be able to load the coupon. Hope this helps.

Trish Harvey

October 30, 201409:31 pm

They must be having issues. I sign in, but it only has the picture of the gal and Woo Hoo and nothing else. :(

Andrew F.

October 30, 201409:09 pm

It looks like this probably reached its limit and is no longer available.

Lisa J

October 30, 201408:50 pm

I am wondering if this will come off before my other loaded digital coupons........ If not, it may not work.


October 30, 201408:19 pm

is not there for have signed in and out several times. Even searched "DIGITAL". Can anyone help???


October 30, 201408:06 pm

I am having the same problem. King Soopers is my local Kroger store. Are just King Soopers people having issues?


October 30, 201408:05 pm

I logged on and see the WooHoo, but nothing else. I've looked under the coupons and promotions, I've refreshed and nothing? Can anyone help?


October 30, 201408:13 pm

im not understanding why some people can get it an some people cant


October 30, 201407:55 pm

so i guess nobody is going to help with the problem ,


October 30, 201407:55 pm

This wasn't for a lot of people , was for some bzzagents and it reach it limits. ?..


October 30, 201407:08 pm

Same thing here, just an orange box with "Woo Hoo". No place to type in the code.


October 30, 201407:50 pm

Well, I've tried 5 times and nothing!! So disappointing!! What's going on??


October 30, 201407:04 pm

I followed the instructions however once I logged into my account, there is no place to type in the word "digital". Can one of you please respond since so many of you got it to work. Thanks


October 30, 201407:53 pm

won't work for me rrrrr!


October 30, 201406:59 pm

I had no problem. Thanks


October 30, 201409:15 pm

What store and region are you in that it worked? Maybe the coupon will only work so many times in one region.


October 30, 201406:48 pm

I guess it's Trick or Treat a day early!!

Karen H

October 30, 201406:38 pm

Like everyone else, I clicked your link, chose Kroger. When I got to the Kroger page, I saw the WooHoo orange banner and signed into my account. But I never got the spot to load the deal to my card, no place to enter the code. What's problem? It works for some but not all. Is it regional only?

Ann M

October 30, 201407:48 pm

It won't let me enter the code any where.


October 30, 201406:30 pm

Don't see where to enter the code!


October 30, 201405:37 pm

Very frustrated. I have tried DIGITAL, Digital, and digital. Nothing is working.


October 30, 201406:14 pm

i cant find where to type the word DIGITAL at either , im so aggervated


October 30, 201405:33 pm

Can't seem to get it no matter what I do. Is this regional maybe? I see the Whoo Hoo graphic but no box to enter a code.


October 30, 201406:05 pm

Me too! So frustrating! I signed up for BzzAgent and still can't see it. All I see is the picture of the lady and WooHoo! So frustrated!!!


October 30, 201405:14 pm

How frustrating. :( Where do I type the word DIGITAL? The only place I see is the search box and that doesnt work. I've tried everything, and even refreshed. Nothing. What am I missing?


October 30, 201405:12 pm

There is no place to enter a code. :(


October 30, 201405:03 pm

Not working for me either. I click through, pick my store, sign in, and just have a page that says 'WooHoo' but does not display anything else :(


October 30, 201405:01 pm

Not working for me. I tried your link several times and when I choose kroger as my store it just come up with a screen that says woo hoo. Bummer ;(


October 30, 201405:09 pm

me too I cant find a box to enter digital anywhere... any help?


October 30, 201404:54 pm

I cannot find this. I clicked on the link and pick Dillons. But it is not under My coupons. I have tried several times. Anyone else have this problem???


October 30, 201404:54 pm

I followed the instructions perfectly but there's no place to input any code :( Not sure where to go to do that. So maybe it just takes a few minutes?


October 30, 201404:54 pm

Went to the Kroger website, signed in, but I CANNOT figure out where to type my code in at !!


October 30, 201405:29 pm

I'm having the same issue, CAN ANYONE HELP???

Lisa Wurzelbacher

October 30, 201403:48 pm

Worked for me, 2nd time no caps. Thank you !


October 30, 201406:44 pm

Where did you enter the code at? Can't find the spot!


October 30, 201403:56 pm

Thank you! Worked perfectly!


October 30, 201402:42 pm

Worked with no a rebel.


October 30, 201402:24 pm

Can we still use coupons on the same order? Typically you can't combine manufacturer's coupons with the digital ones.


November 3, 201408:15 am

This worked for me with paper coupons and catalinas.


October 30, 201402:45 pm

Yes, this is more like a store coupon.

L Dice

October 30, 201402:15 pm

Thank you


October 30, 201402:08 pm

Does the coupon apply once the total is $25 before other coupons or discounts are used?


October 30, 201407:53 pm

My took the $5 off before coupons. Walked out with a super great deal.


October 30, 201401:55 pm

Where do you type in DIGITAL? I typed it in the what are you looking for boxing and it didn't work.


October 30, 201402:09 pm

Click in the orange box above, it will take you to your Kroger account page. Sign in then put the code in where it says "Enter your code" then click load to card.


October 30, 201408:15 pm

there is nothing on there that says enter code


October 30, 201405:12 pm

I have no ideidehere it days enter code :/


October 30, 201401:53 pm

It worked for me! Yes, use all caps and when you check app to see if it loaded it will have a star in front of it instead of the usual plus or minus sign! Good luck! It was super easy! Thank you!


October 30, 201401:52 pm

Not sure if I am missing something because I don't see where I have the option of inputting a digital code. Where or how is the right place to enter the code?


October 30, 201404:59 pm

Me neither. I think maybe the page isn't fully loading on my computer? Maybe it depends on the browser or something with our computer? I get the "Whoo Hoo" page after logging in and selecting "Kroger" but there is just a large blank area next to the excited looking lady.


October 30, 201401:50 pm

It worked the second time. THANK YOU!!!


October 30, 201401:46 pm

I logged on to my Kroger account. Where do I enter a code?


October 30, 201401:37 pm

That was crazy easy, thank you!!


October 30, 201401:25 pm

Worked for me. Love these coupons! Thanks!


October 30, 201401:23 pm

That code didn't work for me..not sure what I'm doing wrong:/


October 30, 201401:35 pm

It didn't go the first time for me when I capitalized the whole code. The next time I only capitalized the D and it said it loaded.


October 30, 201401:22 pm

I loaded it into my account but I don't see it under 'my coupon'. Where can I find it instead? I just want to make sure that it's properly uploaded before I go to the store. Thank you!


October 30, 201401:37 pm

I didn't see it at first either, but after I waited a few minutes, I hit refresh and then saw it. Hope it works for you, too!


October 30, 201402:03 pm

Thank you so much!


October 30, 201401:34 pm

It showed up for me under my coupons, but at the end of my list.


October 30, 201402:02 pm

Thank you so much!