Quaker Protein

Want some FREE Quaker Protein Instant Oatmeal?  Well then free you shall get.  Print up two of these babies and head to Kroger and get your freebie.  In order to get this coupon you'll have to “run” the software. I did my research and found nothing negative on this so I went ahead and did it.  And boom – out printed the coupon.

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November 2, 201412:24 pm

My kroger took the (8 ct) off sale even thou it is thru 11/11 and put the (6 ct) for $2.00 thru 11/11


October 30, 201411:24 pm

Our store claimed they have lowered their prices on everything, and yet, the Oatmeal protein is still at $4.99, one dollar more than what other Kroger store sell at. The Lindt Chocolate bar is at $3.49 and the Lindor is at $4.99. We are paying way higher than the rest of the country is paying...


October 25, 201410:28 pm

I have issues with redplum I can't print anymore from this site. All the printer do is a continuos half coupon


October 24, 201411:12 pm

"We're sorry, but none of your coupons printed. Sorry -- looks like something went wrong." Boo.


October 24, 201411:19 pm

And I tried on Chrome, Firefox & Internet Explorer.


October 24, 201409:04 pm



October 24, 201407:17 am

Thanks! Got 2 boxes this morning for tax cost only!! My store shelf tag showed $4.59 but they rang up for $2. I'm in GA.

Angie Meaker

October 24, 201402:52 am

My state is not listed so I tried to click on where it says click here. I have used 2 different laptops and none will print redplum coupons. I love this oatmeal and eat it every day on the winter and a great deal to stock up on if there was another way to get the coupons.


October 23, 201407:20 pm

My Kroger didn't have these marked as 2/$4 but took them up front and they rung up for $2. Always good to double check!!


October 23, 201409:41 pm

Mine weren't marked at 2/$4 either. Had them ring it up just in case and they rang up at the higher price of $4.59....not on sale. I'll try another Kroger and see if they have the smaller protein sizes on sale. :)


October 23, 201406:40 pm

The Quaker Protein are not part of the 2/$4.00 at my store here. The protein boxes are a bit larger than the normal boxes that are on sale that may be why it's not included. Just an FYI...:).


October 23, 201407:15 pm

Mine were on sale, but it was only the Banana Nut variety.


October 29, 201410:04 am

at my store the cranberry/almond were marked, but the banana nut were. I price checked the cranberry and they were on sale too.


October 23, 201405:37 pm

My Mac will never print RedPlum coupons :(


October 23, 201410:22 pm

I have a Epson and it never prints Redplum good. Comes out very faded and like wrote in Chinesse


October 23, 201405:04 pm

My store doesn't have the Quaker Protein on sale. They are regular price of 3.99.

Trish Harvey

October 23, 201403:29 pm

Awesome!! I love instant oatmeal. Plus I live in Alabama! :)


October 23, 201402:13 pm

I don't live in one of those states listed and I printed it, just click the box where it says click here to save $2. The state thing might just be where it is available for sale but the coupon will print off the red plum site and it doesn't say anything on it about only being available for use in certain states.


October 23, 201402:12 pm

You don't need to put in your state to get the coupon.


October 23, 201402:11 pm

I don't live in the south and I was able to print it. The coupon itself says nothing about being restricted to use in those states.


October 23, 201402:10 pm

no texas :-(


October 23, 201402:14 pm

I live in texas and I printed it twice. Just click where it says Click here to save in the middle of that picture.

Cindy J.

October 23, 201402:03 pm

This is only in certain states :(

Rebecca S.

October 23, 201404:27 pm

My state wasn't listed either but it let me print two by clicking where it says "CLICK HERE TO SAVE $2"


October 23, 201402:03 pm

You DID NOT put on your site it only good for 6 states ONLY, we all can't get the coupon, unless you live in 1 of those states.


October 23, 201402:10 pm

The place you indicate your state is a store locator. You don't have to put in a state at all. Just click where it says "Click Here to Save" (see the orange arrow Katie added to her graphic) to download the printer software and print. I don't live in one of those six states. I was able to print the coupon just fine.


October 23, 201402:31 pm

It is a participating store locator. So I will be interested to see if they even sell these in the other states...


October 23, 201402:56 pm

I'll be heading over to Kroger later today to check on this, but its available at my local Target store in Houston, TX.


October 24, 201407:38 am

This just worked for me in Conroe, TX