candy coupon

I know I do NOT have to tell you smart people to print this NEW candy coupon that  prints with NO size restrictions!! And that's all kinds of AWESOME because that means you can use it on these Starburst Jelly Beans that are on sale for just $0.50 right now at Kroger. That will score you 3 for FREE plus possible coupon overage!!

Do NOT WAIT to print this coupon (twice from every computer!) because it may reach it's overall print limit VERY quickly!!

candy coupon


BUT WAIT!! This coupon states “CVS/pharmacy”!!! Can I still use it at Kroger? YES!!! It is a regular manufacturer coupon that can be redeemed anywhere regardless of the suggestion/advertising. Read more about store logos on coupons.

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September 27, 201702:00 pm

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March 7, 201506:42 pm

Worked great here in Houston.

Annie Mayle

March 7, 201505:38 pm

I have access to a computer lab so I was able to print 50 coupons. I bought 150 pkgs at kroger to donate to my church food pantry!! Thanks for sharing these deals!!


March 5, 201503:05 pm

I can't find this little sweet ones at my Smith's, where is it? near with check out register?


March 5, 201512:44 pm

Does Kroger accept competitors coupons? the ones printed off this site say CVS on them.... not sure if I could use at Kroger since we don't have a CVS here.


March 5, 201512:33 pm

Ive gpt 3 coupon computers... i cleaned out our kroger :D


March 5, 201511:03 am

Having 4 baskets to fill, I am always looking for cheap candy! I had a Kroger coupon for $1 off any $2 or more candy purchase, so I was able to buy 4 mini bags of Starburst and 4 mini bags of Lifesaver jellybeans, use (2) $2 off 3 bags and $1 off any $2 candy to get all 8 for free plus get paid $1 overage on my trip!


March 6, 201511:23 am

Where did you find the coupons for starburst & lifesavers?

Tara McIntosh

March 6, 201512:36 pm

Try clicking on the picture of the coupon, it should take you to a new page that will have the coupon clipped. Yes you can use the coupon at Kroger if it says CVS on it, as long it does not say CVS or Walmart or whatever store's name with the word only it can be used anywhere. Check your Kroger digital coupons for one of these also, it is for a $1 off of two.