4/26 – 5/23 | Ziploc Brand Containers
Buy (2) = $2.00 OYNO

We have a $1.50/2 Ziploc coupon and I wanted to make sure you knew about it in case you are in need of more storage containers.  These are included in the Kroger Mega Sale for just $1.99 but we have a new Catalina generating that will bring these down to just $0.24 a piece!


ziploc coupon

Deal Scenario:

Thanks Racheal and Sarah!

If you have access to more coupons and want to do these deal more than once, be sure to separate your transactions to ensure your Catalinas print. And remember, Kroger Catalinas ALWAYS roll!! Want to learn more about how Kroger Catalinas work, including what to do if you don't receive yours? ReadTHIS POST.

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Candice Gonzales

April 30, 201512:09 am

I like to split up the transactuons bc you can turn around and use the catalina on the very next purchase :)


April 29, 201510:51 am

I bought 6 containers tonight and got 3 $2 cats. Working here in east tn. Was also told by a manager that they had a meeting and would no longer be restricting coupons to 5 like coupons. She said the chain is trying to be more customer friendly.


April 28, 201511:28 pm

How do I print coupons off my iPad? I can't seem to get it working


April 28, 201510:23 pm

i have a question do you print the catalina coupons from this page or how do you do it. thank you for helping me i want to learn how to coupon

Felicia P.

April 28, 201507:12 pm

Didn't work for me in VA but I did call the Catalina comp.


April 28, 201505:27 pm

I did 5 transactions today because I was afraid to go over the purchase 4 containers and get 2 $2 Catalinas. It worked on each transaction. I know the cashiers think sometimes that my coupons are fake but we have, are you ready for this?? 2 desktops, 3 laptops, 1 iPad and 2 iPhones I can print on. Certainly helps with internet printed coupons. Wished I could print from the Samsung Galaxy 3 tablet I got on clearance at Target for $98 but I can't.


April 28, 201501:44 pm

I bought 2 today and didnt recieve a coupon. Super disappointed


April 27, 201510:21 pm

There is a savingsyar rebate too!!! $1 when you bought 2 ziploc containers or bags!!!


April 27, 201509:22 pm

I bought 4 of the ziplock containers tonight both in the same transaction and got 2 of the $2.00 of your next order. I can't believe it went smooth. I usually don't have that kind of luck :)

Staci Harrison

April 27, 201508:30 pm

I received one tonight when I bought two bags and two containers. wish I had known about it beforehand. Gonna go back tomorrow and split up transactions to get more. I also got one for $2 for buying two Irish spring gear body wash 3.49 and used $2/1 coupons.


April 27, 201507:54 pm

Did this start today? Because I bought 4 last week and didn't get th


April 27, 201507:13 pm

Sorry for typos!


April 27, 201507:12 pm

At whichstores is the Catalina printing? Just Kroger? Does the Catalina increase with the purchased quantity? Or, would I need to Di separate transactions? Thank you!


April 28, 201504:08 pm

I bought 8 and got 4 catalinas in one transaction at Kroger. No need to split up your order. :)