mobisaveWe have another NEW and GREAT money savings program that’s called  mobiSave that you may be interested in.  It’s similar to Ibotta and Checkout 51.  Get paid in minutes on exclusive offers that are good anywhere! Saving money on groceries has never been easier.

The app is available for both Apple devices and Android devices.

There is currently a wait list (and takes anywhere from a few days to a month to get off the list) so make sure to sign up soon and when you are off the list you’ll receive an email from mobiSave telling you to sign into your account from the app.


How does mobiSave Work?

  • Select the offer
  • Snap a picture of the receipt
  • Get paid via Paypal within hours



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May 25, 201711:55 am

My referral code is YTTSKUYP if anyone would like one . Thank you!


June 20, 201711:35 am

Used your code today!! :)


December 31, 201610:27 am

Anyone have a refferal code?

Kim Kleber

November 1, 201509:31 pm

How do you link your Mobisave account to your paypal account?


October 16, 201507:10 pm

Very frustrated that they launched on only ONE of the TWO main phone platforms. Each time I see another deal that I have to strike off my list because I need a MobiSave rebate to get the cost low enough, it is very frustrating. I have a sneaking suspicion that IF/WHEN it become available for Android, the "deal amounts' will lesson. Hope I'm wrong about that. They've had MORE than enough time to roll it out to even a small segment of Android users.


October 16, 201507:11 pm

Ugh..'lessen', not

Carmella P.

October 1, 201501:11 pm

Hey all: MobiSave no longer has a waiting list for the app on iPhones. So all you have to do is download it.

Sharon Bugar

September 9, 201506:56 pm

Good evening, I was thinking about signing up for the mobi save when it comes available for android, my question is, if you have a very large receipt will you be able to reedeem savings?

Kristen Cole

August 10, 201511:06 am

Hi, how many times can you submit for an offer on MobiSave? I was just released this morning from the waiting list, so I'm totally new!!


May 2, 201611:54 am



July 23, 201504:46 pm

I have been using mobisave since around April and have earned back almost $150. Live it! However, I am thinking of switching from Apple to android and I was wondering if the app is available for android yet?


June 10, 201501:14 am

I've been on the waiting list for about two months as well. It doesn't even recognize my email. What's the deal?


June 10, 201511:34 am

ok, yesterday i just tried to sign in even tho i am on the waiting list since april as i stated below and never heard from then i clicked the forgot my password and it sent me a code to reset, so i reset it and answered questions for my profile and it let me in!!! maybe try that for those who are on waiting list :))))


June 9, 201502:26 pm

I had been in waiting list since 5/8, and got accepted as I was reading this post and was getting bummed out that I wasn't in yet. :)


June 9, 201510:53 am

I LOVE this app. I have been using it for almost 2 months and I have gotten cash back on some really great offers. I was one of the lucky ones and I was only on the waiting list for a few days. What I like about this one is they pay you super fast it goes directly to your PayPal. No wait for a $5, $10, $20 cash out like other apps, just straight to the PayPal within the hour. The one thing that IS different then other apps is you must have the offer selected before you checkout.


March 17, 201612:31 pm

If I click the offer of buy any soap product and receive .30 cents and I purchased several bars of soaps on one receipt will I receive .30 cents for each or only once?


June 9, 201510:11 am

Since April I have made over $130 dollars using this app.


July 14, 201504:24 pm

Can the money be "saved up" until a certain amount of do you have to cash out after each purchase? I have never used paypal before. Thanks

Amy Stotts

June 9, 201509:50 am

This sounds great! And I'm going to get rid of shopmium snap, and Shrink. I don't buy a lot of food from the health food section because they typically are way overpriced. Does anyone know what email address the Lenair than m does anyone know what email address I should watch for? Gmail puts so much into spring him that I might miss it if I get it.


June 9, 201509:33 am

I've been a member since the end of May and have saved over $30! Love this app.


June 9, 201509:32 am

I too have been in the wait list for several months.


June 9, 201509:19 am

And I have an apple phone...


June 9, 201509:18 am

I've been on waiting list since 4/15 and have never heard back from them


June 9, 201507:40 pm

Try signing in using the username and password that you created when you signed up. I never received an email, but on a whim, I tried logging in and it was a success!

Jennifer L.

June 9, 201509:07 am

I've been on the wait list since 4/28/15, so I hope they let me in soon! :)