Have you tried these evol frozen burritos yet? I mean, I've given you chances with some great deals before 🙂 If not, you really should give them a try. I am not one for frozen meals but these are JUST GOOD and can be found in the Organic/Natural frozen section at Kroger.

evol coupon

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August 27, 201510:19 pm

I tried making this purchase today with those coupons and the cashier did not allow me to use them :( she told me that the coupon can only be used at Target because the coupon reads that Evol products are sold "exclusively at Target". I pointed out that it does not say that the coupon can be only used at Target but she still refused to take my coupons.


August 25, 201510:17 pm

Does anybody have advise for printing this coupon? I select, press print and nothing happens-it just sits there.


August 26, 201509:17 am

Go directly to Hopster.com, sign-in, and print from there. I have trouble going through the link on here for the Hopster coupons as well.


August 26, 201509:18 am

Oops, this one's Savings.com. Same deal as with Hopster though. :)