Here are a few deals sent in this week that you might want to check out! Thanks to all you “Kroger Krazies” for keeping my inbox and Facebook pages filled up with great Kroger deals!! Keep ‘em coming! You guys are Kroger super stars!!

SPECIAL NOTE: While you LOVE LOVE to share Manager’s Specials finds (orange & yellow stickers shown above), please keep in mind that these are STORE specific and will not be found by everyone unless you list the exact store location you found them. Kroger Closeouts (white tag) will typically be found everywhere (with price variations), which is why I post a weekly closeouts roundup but do not post the manager’s specials. Instead, feel free to brag about those finds on my Facebook Page or here in the comments.

Free toothpaste! King Soopers has Colgate Cavity Protection twin packs on sale for $2.99. When you buy two, you get a $3 OYO coupon. Use two, $2 off twin pack coupons from 7/26 ads (exp. 8/8) and you actually get money “back.” Oh yeah, and you can also submit for the $.20 IBOTTA too!

(Thanks Heather)!

(Thanks Harmon)!

Ozarka Water is printing cats. Bought 4 got this.
Buy 3 or more get 1.50 buy 2 get 1.00


For mega sale….

(Thanks Cherii)!

These pens are on sale at Kroger for $1.49. Use the $0.55/1 coupon
from this week’s SS and submit to Ibotta for $0.75/1. Final cost:

(Thanks Cherii)!

Of course I cut off thee coupon value! That’s why you’re the blogger and I’m a couponer. You have a $1/2 posted on the matchup for the mega sale but I found this q in my binder.

Thanks for all you do, Katie

(Thanks jkcoupons)!

Goldfish puffs on sale for .99. There is a coupon from I don’t know what insert for .50 off. Regular 2.49.

(Thanks Katie)!

$ 2.oo catalina still printing on axe body wash buy 2 part of mega deal and get 2.oo catalina makes it 49. cents with coupon. 86314 area code

(Thanks Toni)!

I could be missing it but I don’t see the attached Catalina on your master list. I’m assuming I received this because of the Axe body wash and deodorant that I bought because that’s the only non grocery item I bought. But I don’t know the details as far as how many you have to buy to get the cat. I bought seven Axe items in one transaction because I was unaware of the cat.

(Thanks Duska)!

I live in Kentucky and our Kroger has the axe shampoo (peace) included in the mega event for 1.19 wub/5 I used 1.00/1 and paid 19 cents. our store also had st. Ives body wash (vanilla,an apricot only). for 1.49 each. I used 3.00/2 st. Ives products. transaction-
buy 4 body wash, use 2 3.00/2. pay tax, received 2 2.00 cats. I can’t find how long the cat is available it was still printing on 7/31. by the way I have been using you site for several years. thank you!!

(Thanks Becky)!

look what printed out for me over the last few days of shopping & since it does not say OYNO then they used it with my other coupons right then as it prints out as soon as the cashier scans the 2 pkgs of Wright’s bacon.

(Thanks Kristy)!

7/26 rp

(Thanks Debbie)!

Clearance find in VA Beach!

(Thanks Kendra)!

(Thanks Patricia)!

Did my first trip to Kroger (will go back tomorrow). Got 4 huggies wipes, 2 veggies, 4 Ganier, 4 Tresemme, 4 Listerine floss, 4 kids Listerine mouthwash, 2 axe, 2 Weber Seasoning rub, 1 Smuckers. Somehow its now dawning on me that I’m short 30 items but somehow it worked out cause my total was exactly what I thought it would be. 23.87 before tax (27.40). Saved 67.62 and got a 2.00 OYNO from the axe maybe? I have no idea.

(Thanks Julie)!

If you printed this coupon a while back it goes with the mega sale. 4.4-5.7 lb bag. $7.99. It expires 8-2. There is also a 20 cent ibotta on any dry cat food.

(Thanks Theresa)!

Dove shampoo/conditioner are $2.49 mega sale price then use your $3/2 coupon to make them .99 each smile emoticon Pantene are $2.99 mega sale price then use $5/3 coupon to make them $1.32 each and Garnier are $1.99 mega sale price then use $1/1 coupon to make them .99 each

(Thanks Jennifer)!


(Thanks Mary)!


(Thanks Mary)!

Kroger in Newport Ky have these on sale 10 for 10….my kids love these!!!

(Thanks Sherri)!

Buy 5 save 5 price 2.49 with a $2 off from this weekends paper = .49 hairspray

(Thanks Sara)!

I wanted to share a deal with you! I got 2 90 count boxes of Ziploc sandwich bags as part of the mega sale for 1.99 each. I had a Kroger coupon that I got in the mail for 1.25 off 2. I got a Catalina for 2.00 off my next order, and submitted for a 1.00 Ibotta rebate. Not only were they feee, but I will make money on the deal!

(Thanks Katie)!

Kroger Krazy Yummy Chicken
Found in Louisville Kentucky

(Thanks Eden)!

(Thanks Kayli)!

I got 2 listerine flosses 2 dove men body wash 4 smuckers and 2 noxzema and it gave me $2 cat. I was unsure about the suave so i didn’t buy it thinking it may be expired but forgot about the dove which is included in the unilever deal so im guessing its extended.

(Thanks Dhale)!

I only had the 50 cent coupon but I know there is a $1 off purchase of 5 so you can get them for $1.29 each!

(Thanks Lyndi)!

I bought two gerber cereals at Kroger (Michigan location) on Friday as part of the mega sale and earned a $1.00 coupon for my next order!

(Thanks Christine)!

Axe body wash, but two get a $2 Catalina.

(Thanks Vic)!

So this JUST happened ..thank u ‪#‎krogerkrazy‬ for teaching me how to coupon!!!!!

(Thanks Steph)!

(Thanks Patricia)!

In yesterday’s Red Plum (which I am sure is regional) there is a .50/2 Jif products coupon. Which makes the already fantastic price of .99 even cheaper. Brings it down to .74 Yay!

(Thanks Julie)!

Snip20150330_46And here are some of your Kroger hauls you’ve shared with me this week. Yes, this is a BRAGGING zone. 🙂

Stockup run on my lunch break

(Thanks Melonie)!

Original price 198. After coupons and pick 5 savings total was 40
dollars and 34 cents

(Thanks Tiffany)!

$23.36 oop Saved $40.48 And got $17 back!!! = $6.36 total spent!!!!

(Thanks Angela)!

Wanted to share!

(Thanks Erin)!

My best Kroger haul yet! Spent a total of $9 on 36 items with 8 separate orders.
~Also after going through my receipts, I SAVED a total of $89.91 !!!

(Thanks Heidi)!



Paid $18.97.saved 166.64. At topeka Krogers( Fairlawn)

(Thanks Monique)!

I love kroger sales!! Out of pocket I paid $15.30. After Catalina’s I purchased all of this for FREE! Thank you Kroger Krazy

(Thanks Whitni)!

My 1st haul…$85.31 paid $20.72 Savings of $64.59 Thank you Kroger!!!!

(Thanks Sheila)!

16 speed stick gear,14 suave body wash, 6 double pack Colgate for $23.99 and still have $9.00 left to spend on next trip to krogers

(Thanks Deloris)!


(Thanks JasonandBritney)!

OK, I have to brag! I’m still shaking with excitement!
I went to a different Kroger than usual today planning on the shelves being cleared with all the great CAT items but to my surprise there was a lot of product left!
I got all of this ($80.71 of product) for a total of $3.33 after sales savings, coupons, Ibotta, and CATS! (And I didn’t clear any shelves!)
Thanks for all you do to show us amazing deals!

(Thanks Shana)!

So here is another great deal….St. Ives body wash is on sale for $2.79. There was a big fat $3 off 2 coupon in Sunday’s paper. Since these are unilever, they also give a $2 Catalina back when you buy two.
$2.79 x 2 = $5.58
$5.58 – $3 (coupon) = $2.58
$2.58 – $2 Catalina = $0.58
$0.58/2 = $0.29 each!

(Thanks Joy)!

Mini run to try out my MobiSave. Spent 17.63, Saved 28.41, RCVD 4.10 back from MobiSave!

(Thanks Debby)!

1st haul complete. Not pictured are 4 tide bottles, 5-6pk of coke and 4 bags of pads donated already…
Retail 135.81
Paid 61.46 after coupons

(Thanks Sarah)!

First Haul spent $124, saved 176. Got all this.
2 liquid tides
3 downys
1 tide pods
1 gain pods
1 box always pads
2 boxes of Tampax Pearl Tampons
1 Venus Razor
2 Loreal mascara
1 Dawn dish Soap
3 Secret Gel Deodorant
1 Garnier Shampoo
1 Garnier hair treatment
2 Loreal hair treatments
4 Loreal shampoo
8 Pantene ProV shampoo
2 dove hair treatments
1 Pantene hair treatment
2 Tresemme Shampoos
4 dove shampoos
3 Axe shampoo
3 Axe deodorant
3 Axe body wash
6 Crest Pro Health toothpaste

(Thanks Corey)!

The Vanity fair napkins are part of the b5s5 @ $.99/ea. And I had 2 mfg tear pad coupons I found at Publix 2 weeks ago $1/2. Oop $1.96
Nabisco snacks $.99/ea on b5s5 mfg $.75/2 oop $2.50

(Thanks Ashley)!

92.xx before, spent 7.xx. 90% savings, wooo!

(Thanks Kristin)!

My stockpile I’ve acquired since following you.

(Thanks Brandy)!

Retail price: $85.77
Price i paid: $23.04
I used 3/2 for Dove, 2/1 Tresemme,
5/3 for Pantene, 1/1 Dove, 1/1 Febreze

(Thanks Rebecca)!

Found my $1:1 Weber!! Yay! (Only had ONE!) $0.98 for all five of these items! TY for everything you and your team do!

(Thanks Debby)!

$21.08 ❤coupons

(Thanks Debbie)!

My first good trip(s) ☺I’m super excited …. $3.13 out of pocket and received $14 in cats back

(Thanks Jess)!

Killed it at the mega sale this morning. $28.09 oop, $4 back in cats and $2 in Ibotta rebates. Saved over $70!

(Thanks Mary Beth)!


(Thanks Debi)!

$140 down to $65!!!!

(Thanks Brittany)!

$20.34 Birds eye not in pic and $1.49 rather than .99. Had 7pcs Huggies but gave 2 to the self checkout staff smile emoticon and she couldn’t believe it!

(Thanks Dhale)!

Wahoo!!!! This Kroger Mega Sale was a really good one for our family! Lots of things we needed were included! Happy mom here!
Here’s the results: I bought 44 items total. The total price before coupons was $155.83! I only spent $48.71!!!!! That’s a whopping savings of $107.12!!!!! Thanks to two $2 OOP cats and a $5 off $50 Q from a coupon booklet I bought last year.

(Thanks Jenna)!

Loving these fuel points too!

(Thanks Karen)!

(Thanks Hope)!

Before Coupons $222, After Coupons $86.
72 items for a total of $1.12 a piece!

(Thanks Hannah)!

Thank you!

(Thanks Melissa)!

My first haul ever OMG only 34.92 an the look on my kids faces when it came down from over a hundred before Kroger card an then after coupons i saved 61% thanks for all you do

(Thanks Jamie)!

My first 5/$5 Mega Sale Haul
$177.02 in groceries for $42.33.
76% Savings!!!!
LOVE Couponing! Thanks!

(Thanks Shana)!

This was my haul with coupons, mega event sales, digital coupons, free Friday downloads! All for $41.82, saved 68.29, a 63% savings! Not bad for my first run at this!

(Thanks Brandi)!

All for 24.64! That’s 1.23 per item. Hope to make another run soon. Krogers was wiped out!!

(Thanks Karen)!

This is my haul costing only 148.11.

(Thanks Jackie)!

Feeling pretty good about my mega sale haul..saved 65% even tho some of my filler items (Huggies wipes and jelly) were cleared shelves. And only got 2 combos unsure emoticon hopefully they’ll restock things soon.

(Thanks Kori)!

#‎stockingup‬ ‪#‎krogerhaul‬

(Thanks Kellie)!

My first Kroger haul. Paid less then $15.00. I am super excited

(Thanks Brandy)!

Paid $0.00. Saved 104% using coupons + coupons on the packages.

(Thanks Debbie)!

My first time doing this and spent only 50$

(Thanks Jennifer)!

Thank you for all your help Kroger Krazy

(Thanks Ashley)!

6 suave deodorant and 2 gear deodorant. .not bad for a mini haul

(Thanks Jackie)!

Have a Kroger deal you’d like to share? Scroll all the way down to the bottom of this page and fill out the “Submit a deal” form (like shown above). I LOVE pictures, so if you have a picture to go along with your deal, just upload it with the form or you can email me at [email protected] Thanks everyone!


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On Jackie's receipt there, the last picture-- her Sure coupons didn't work either. They only scanned for 0.01 instead of 1.00 so she should go back to get her $2.97 from the store