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As I mentioned in my weekly Kroger ad matchup, we have a new Private Selection Brand Buy 4, Save $4 Sale happening that will last for the next 2 weeks (dates run with your sale cycle). As promised, here is the full inclusions list (I may have missed some things). I have also included the REGULAR price of each item as well as the price AFTER the $4 mega savings comes off so you can see how much of a discount you are getting before you get to the store. Some items are ON SALE and some are just full price. I am LOVING some of these deals. I must say, as much as I love coupons…this sale is awesome because you can get SUPER low prices on higher quality items without coupons! With that being said, be sure to check your Best Customer offers (be sure you’re logged in to your account) for coupons. I have one for the ice cream.

LIMIT 16 per Transaction.


Private Selection Buy 4, Save $4 Mini Mega Event

Prices below reflect additional $1 off each item assuming you have purchased 4 participating mix & match items. Limit 4 rewards per transaction (16 items). 

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September 22, 201505:36 pm

Where is everyone riding the chocolate bars? They are no where in my stores.


September 24, 201502:22 am

i think i seen chocolate bars in the natures market section not 100 % sure


September 22, 201505:35 pm

Where is everyone finding the chocolate bars? They are no where in my stores.


September 21, 201509:58 am

kroger in defiance oh charged $1. more than advertised why is that?

laura p

September 20, 201512:28 pm

cocoa mix singles and canned tomatoes are not part of this sale at least in my store there are a few other cheap private selection items that are not in the sale either


September 19, 201512:25 pm

where is best customer offers at on the Kroger website - i couldn't find it as a tab or category etc ?

Amy S.

September 22, 201509:18 am

A lot of people don't have the best customer offers. They are in your eq tab, if you do...when you narrow it to My Coupons, All Coupons, etc, it will be listed. Funny thing is, I've been a weekly (several times a week typically) Kroger shopper since I was 8 years old, but I don't have best customer offers. My friend shops there maybe once a month and she has them. :(


September 17, 201511:53 pm

Big Private Selection sale; store undergoing extensive remodeling; Senior Citizen Discount Day = TRIPLE THREAT. Many items sold out; some not included in sale, such as the fruit filling.


September 23, 201505:05 pm

LOL. I know your pain. My store moves things around all the time!


September 17, 201508:37 am

Are private selection products all grouped together in the store? Or are they mixed with like items?


September 17, 201508:52 am

Mixed with like items.


September 17, 201509:54 am


jimmy jones

September 17, 201503:05 am

all private selection coupons are gold next 2 weeks what i like the most is that private selection is great quality


September 16, 201509:42 pm

Is the 16 item limit per transaction or per items? I'm confused ...


September 16, 201507:50 pm

On the top row of pictures you have with the items, third item over that is 2 for $3 but .50 each when you buy 4....what are those items???

jimmy jones

September 17, 201502:59 am

potatoes mix wirh veggies

jimmy jones

September 17, 201503:02 am



September 16, 201505:28 pm

These are one of my very favorite sales! I have been waiting and watching for this. Thanks


September 16, 201504:33 pm

Private Selection San Marzano style canned tomatoes (28oz) only .09 cents each!


September 16, 201504:13 pm

There are ecoupons for Private Selection salt (save $0.50) and fruit filling (save $1.00).


September 16, 201503:58 pm

The 1.23 Cocoa Mix packets listed *looked* like they should have been free or better than free (priced 50¢ BEFORE mega/promotion discount) but ring up as participating items (with asterisk) at 50¢ each (it just doesn't subtract the $1).


September 16, 201503:49 pm

I was stoked about the veggies and cheese crumbles. I got the Hawaiian bread and some brioche buns. I had $.40/1 e-coupon for the bread.


September 16, 201503:46 pm

Private Selection Panko Bread Crumbs (8 oz) Sweet chipotle and chipotle lime are on closeout at my store for $1.2 each, so $0.2 after mega.