Alright Ladies! Bear with me, as I only know sports through my brother-in-law, who is a DIEHARD Kentucky fan! This time of year is his absolute favorite because his favorite Basketball team (UK) starts playing again! While he (and all men) focus on those great NCAA moments, we get the Game day ready deals! I've been known to watch a few games myself, but I'm mostly in it for the hot dogs and $1 beer's, who am I kidding. Today I wanted to talk about the great campaign Kroger is having where they're teaming up with Game Day Ready products like Dove Men Care, Axe and Degree, just to mention a few. I asked my sister what her husband does to get ready for these exciting NCAA games and I wanted to share her response!

“The things Travis does to get game day ready? Hmmm… Well he is non-stop talk about all the fabulous recruits UK is getting…. 5 years from now! In all seriousness though, when it's game day, I'm usually in the kitchen cooking up a big pot of chili or whatever he and his friends want that day. Travis on the other hand is freshening up with all the awesome products I bought for him at Kroger of course! His favorite deodorant is Degree, he's very picky! He loves Dove Men + Care and when we get coupons for this I LOAD HIM UP! When we don't, I force him to Suave it up! For his hair, since he likes different scents, he asks me to pick up Axe Shampoo + Conditioner, the combo bottle. What gets me tickled the most is he has a special pair of UK socks he wears EVERY GAME, because you know, it's good luck right? I mean he wore them every game last season and UK was undefeated until Wisconsin…how do I know these things?! He loves the blog Katie, so I hope I haven't embarrassed him too much! Send me some coupons for these please! Lovies! -Jac”

P.S I'm attaching a picture of his ridiculous UK socks that their entire season relies on!!!!


So there you have it! She's got it bad, but when you are married to a sports fanatic you learn a little about it yourself. While I'm over here saying “Go Sports!”. Let's get into what I know you love seeing, COUPONS! These are the Game Day Ready products that we wanted to share with you, along with some GREAT Kroger deals you can't miss out on!






This next part is my favorite!!!!


Did you think I was done?! Negative! We are going to do a $50 Kroger Card Giveaway, and the rules and entry are quite simple. All you have to do is share your go-to grooming routine to get #GetGameReady for whatever your day brings to my Facebook Page HERE. #spon

This is a sponsored post. All opinions remain my own. Gift Card provided by Lunchbox.

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April 28, 201607:31 am

Therefore, you will not have to pay for list price for a number of years.


December 9, 201509:50 pm

Around here it's always #GetGameReady. - Showering in the morning with Axe body wash and shampoo, and a couple swipes of Axe deodorant because we never know when there will be an invite to see the Colts in action or maybe the Pacers playing hard. Hockey is pretty cool so only one swipe of Axe Deodorant will do when you sit frozen to your seat. New team here called the Fuel. Then there are the evenings spent watching NFL, NBA and a bunch of NASCAR re-runs... Keep the husband busy and out of trouble... LOL


November 30, 201508:13 pm

#spon Well, It's Monday and all is calm.... whoops... of course Monday nite football AND a few NBA games tonite too. The dh is set to go. Not sure if he's going to be working up a sweat, but for sure he has his Axe deodorant on. I can rest easy now. Will be a showering before bed tonite with Axe body wash, getting ready for a full day of fun and excitement. at least as fun and exciting a Tuesday can be


November 25, 201510:30 am

An interesting discussion is defijitely worth comment. I ddo believe that you need to write more on this subject matter, it may not be a taboo matter but typically folks don't speak about these subjects. To the next! Manny thanks!!


November 23, 201508:52 pm

I get in my favorite pair of sweat pants and munch on favorite snacks, which happen to vary depending on what I'm craving at the moment! :)

Mellanie H. Combest

November 22, 201511:01 pm

I brush my hair, shower w/a friend's Axe body wash. Get dressed & put on make up.


November 22, 201506:27 pm

Getting it on, Easy Sunday, he's just staying in the man cave today.. Showered last night, smelling good. uses the Axe body wash, and the Axe shampoo and conditioner too... Did a double dose of Axe deodorant, one last night once again this morning... the usual ritual for game day at home... sweats and slippers. Listens on radio to race show, getting prepped for the chase... watching all the pregame for the colts game, now watching the chase. He's been working up a sweat, but not worried about it. We'll have to re-hash the race later during the commercials for the next NFL game. He'll even call the daughters later tonight to rehash the chase. race fans all.....

Jen Ply

November 22, 201512:48 pm

Everybody gets on their game gear. I often have to remind preteen son to shower!


November 22, 201512:04 pm

Liked reading the article! I have 6 son's and my husband. The boys are always shaving and looking good. The boys and Jeremy always use mens body wash, never bar soap. The boys all play sports, football, basketball, baseball, and wrestling. So we definitely have some nasty stinky men and boys!

Seyma Shabbir

November 21, 201511:37 pm

Game Day ready with Dove bodywash and deodorant ... not sweating when the score gets tied!


November 21, 201505:49 pm

Game day - mulltiple sports fan here... football, baseball, soccer, racing, basketball. First is know where - indoor or outdoor. second is time of day. Now we pick out what to wear, then do we need a hat, pick out the type of shoes that will be comfortable. Pack up a lunch, or supper or snack. Make sure we shower, do the deodorant thingy - twice for good measure if going to be out in the heat. Actually a double dose of deodorant is good anyway. Grab that little good luck charm to take along, You never know!!!! A few cough drops in case the yelling starts to make the throat a little tender. Probably a hundred other little things to get prepped, do when we get to the event, and then laugh or kinda cry on the way home... Oh yuh, some tennis and golf in there too. those are more for participation than to watch. as golf watching is like watching paint dry. But playing is fun.

Carole Ingram

November 21, 201512:41 pm

When does the giveaway end?


November 20, 201511:39 pm

Do we enter here or on Facebook? Sorry...wasn't sure


November 21, 201510:33 am

The Dove Men + Care Body and Face Wash(13.2 oz) has a picture of Axe body wash. Ooops.