Make sure you get to your Kroger Digital Coupon and download these three coupons. I was only able to find two of the three at my store so if you find the 3rd I'd love to see a picture!  For some reason I only saw these on my app and not using my computer.  Can you see these on your computer?



Thanks Jordan!

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December 18, 201505:19 pm

I could not find it from my laptop but found it when using my phone. There was also a coupon for free Thomas english muffins that showed up on my phone but not my laptop. Weird!


December 16, 201511:49 pm

Carolynn - download the digital coupon for the deal. but 5 at 79 cents and get 5 free. Shouldn't be regional.


December 16, 201510:19 pm

I don't have this coupon either! These would have made great stocking stuffers!

Kathy C.

December 16, 201508:18 pm

I found them on my desktop computer and in my tablet app.


December 16, 201507:33 pm

i could not find the coupons on the website but i downloaded from app, katie.


December 16, 201504:49 pm

I found the coupons sorting by value. But, I don't understand how the $9.99 peppermint gift box comes out to 40 cents?!


December 16, 201505:09 pm

It's 40 cents/truffle not per box of truffles.

Patricia Goff

December 16, 201503:42 pm

Must be regional. I went through the coupons signed in and signed out and never found it.

Patricia Goff

December 16, 201503:33 pm

I couldn't find the coupon on the kroger coupon website.