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WHOA BABY!! Hurry over to or use the Kroger app on your phone to load these HOT baby coupons valid for FREE full size Comforts for Baby products!! We just tested them all and they ARE in fact completely free offers!! What great donation items for those of us without babies.


I would NOT wait to load these!! Once you do, you’ll have through January to redeem them.

Choose the “BABY” category to access these quickly. All coupons are limit 1 per card.


(Thanks Jessie, Amy, Amanda, Beverly and everyone else who commented!)

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December 8, 201501:30 am

How about people who just want to get free things for "donation" leave it alone? There are many MANY mothers that struggle like myself who don't know where to go for help so I wouldn't know of any places that would give me "donated items" instead I look to coupons to help cut cost but when people take them just for the sole fact it's "free" and I will just donate it's not right. Just saying


December 6, 201510:21 pm

That stinks, I was unable to catch this and it could really have been of use since I have a grandbaby coming any day. Next time I suppose...


December 6, 201508:36 pm

It worked for me in Houston Texas but I just tried helping a friend gets her free diapers and formula and the coupons are gone! But it said it expired January 2016! Wonder why its gone!


December 7, 201508:38 am

They are gone not b/c of the expiration date but b/c of they only put so many coupons online. once all are gotten then, they become unavailable. That's why they got gone so fast.


December 6, 201507:31 pm

Thank you so much!!


December 6, 201506:45 pm

I got mine. Worked for me here in East TN.


December 6, 201506:38 pm

Doesn't work in west Tn

Kathy C.

December 6, 201505:17 pm

I was in my Kroger digital coupons earlier today and I didn't see these. I just checked now that I've read this post and still not available for me. But I checked Comforts for Baby Facebook page and a post from Nov. 27th said "For those who missed our exclusive Facebook coupon last week, here’s another chance to download $10 in coupon savings!" So I've liked their page and made sure they're at the top of my newsfeed. If there's a next time I might catch it! Thanks for posting!


December 6, 201502:57 pm

Not available in Arlington,TN.

Jill sink

December 6, 201502:17 pm

Gone here in GA..... Dang!! Thanks Seriously Tho! ☺☺


December 6, 201512:44 pm

They went fast. I was able to load the diapers and formula at 9:30am EST but the wipes coupon came back with a message that it was no longer available. Told my friends and by the time one got to the site only the diapers coupon was showing and now at 12:43pm all three coupons are gone. You snooze you lose! My wife is due in late March with our first. Lucky find for me! I almost never open the app before going shopping.


December 6, 201512:25 pm

i got the diapers from at 9 30 am central the other 2 were gone ,, i got no babies so ill give it to someone


December 6, 201511:35 am

It's not here at all in Mansfield Ohio either 2 in diapers here dang it


December 6, 201507:46 pm

It was but it probably went quickly. I loaded mine before 8 a.m.


December 6, 201511:32 am

Wow, those went quick! Already NLA!


December 6, 201511:29 am

Can't find them in Macon, Georgia either . Have four grandbabies ; two of which are in diapers so these would help !


December 6, 201511:28 am

I'm not seeing this at all when I click on the links :(


December 6, 201511:23 am

Not on Kroger app in Indy. :(


December 6, 201511:21 am

Can't find the coupons, is there a certain zip code to use?


December 6, 201511:20 am

I'm from CO and I can't see this coupon but thank you anyway :)


December 6, 201510:59 am

I cannot find the coupon. I've used search on Kroger app coupons. Any one else having issues?


December 6, 201510:55 am

Maybe this is regional? or they're already gone? Looked under baby category and no Comforts coupons.


December 6, 201510:23 am

Yes due in March definitely going to get this


December 6, 201511:28 am

coupons are nla


December 6, 201510:15 am

Kroger is doing a free giveaway on select items for I think the sign said a 12 day period. It's like free Friday you must download the coupon on the day it's offered and then you have a few weeks to redeem! I just saw the sign last night in the soda aisle. These are great donation items!


December 6, 201509:53 am

Cashier must have been shocked when your total went to $0.


December 6, 201509:47 am

I'm due in Feb. this will help. Thanks


December 6, 201509:39 am

My niece is having a baby so this will be great!


December 6, 201509:05 am

What great items to donate this time of year. Thanks!


December 6, 201508:48 am

Thank you! My sitter uses these products and will be thrilled to get them for free!