The amazing Herbal Essences deals are back with this Kroger Mega Sale so make sure you make a trip to stock up on these products before the coupons expire!


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January 3, 201608:29 pm

Thanks Candice for your reply, I'm new to the whole couponing thing


December 30, 201507:24 pm

So I tired 2 different times to get these for .49 each and have failed.i used the downloaded the save 3.00 on any 2 coupon and had 10 to buy they told me I could only use coupon on only 2 of them and would have to pay 1.99 for the rest eh. Even talked to a manager help what should I do?i even plan on call corporate tomorrow


December 31, 201503:37 pm

That is correct. The download can only be used on ONE(1) set. You need the paper ones from the rp 12/6 for the shampoo/conditioner or the ss 12/13 for the stylers to be able to get more than 2. If you don't have the paper coupons you could buy other things included in the sale to get to the 5 items


December 30, 201505:06 pm

My Kroger had them for 1.59, got mine for ¢.18


December 30, 201503:51 pm

So u can buy anything in the store to go with this buy 5 and save sale that has the buy 5 tag? And is the buy 5 going on until January 5th? So I'm new to the coupon world!


December 31, 201503:40 pm

Yes. The sale is mix and match. You can buy anything tagged for the sale long as you have groups of 5. So... 1 shampoo, 1 conditioner, 1 soup, 1 cereal, 1 pasta =5 items. Hope this helps.


December 29, 201501:38 pm

I have an e-coupons for $3 off 2 I was able to add today.


December 29, 201502:14 pm

Hi Laura I can't find the e coupon for $3 off 2. I only see the Kroger deal on this page.


December 30, 201503:53 am

The $3 off of 2 herbal essences is one of the Kroger digital coupons. Log into your kroger account and you should be able to add it directly to your card. I would estimate that 80-90% of all coupons you can get in the paper will also show up on your Kroger account, you just have to add them. The only reason I still use paper coupons is because I also shop at Schnucks because they are the only store around here that still doubles. (I live in central Il.)


December 29, 201509:55 am

I dont understand is another coupon needed because if you bought 5 for 10.00 then got 5 off thats $5..


December 29, 201501:09 pm

Connie, the price of $1.99 EA is the final price you would pay so long as you buy 5 participating items (before coupons) other wise they are $2.99 EA. So for example on the hair stylers: if you happen to have (5) $1/1 coupons.. & purchased (5) hair stylers the total = $9.95 & then less the (5) $1/1 coupons: $9.95 - $5 = $4.95 that you would be paying oop (out of pocket) making each bottle just .99 cents each. Hope this helps!


December 29, 201509:24 am

I don't understand for the mega event do we need more than one coupon in order for it to be $0.49?


December 29, 201509:32 am

When you go to Kroger Krazy look at the top and it says Most Popular click on that and you can buy any 1 of those to make up your 5. It can all be the same or 1 of each


December 29, 201509:30 am

No because you can buy other stuff to make up the 5 products. It just has to say 5 pertisapating products. Such as 2 shampoos and 3 soups