12/27 – 1/24 | Huggies Diapers, Huggies Wipes, Pull-Ups, Training Pants or GoodNites Underwear (Jumbo Packs or larger)

Buy $30.00 = $10.00 OYNO

Dates Unknown (maybe 1/19)| Baby Aisle Catalina
Buy $40.00 = $10.00 OYN Baby Aisle Purchase

If you have a baby (or one on the way), make sure you make it to Kroger TODAY!! I am saying today (Jan. 19th) because these Baby Aisle Catalinas usually run for 2 weeks and today would be the end of 2 weeks.  Here is a link to some great printable coupons that you can use with this AWESOME deal.

Click HERE to find all the items that were tagged in my store for the Baby Aisle Catalina.


Deal Scenarios:


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January 23, 201602:07 pm

do I have to mix wipes and diapers or can I just purchase all wipes?


January 20, 201606:57 pm

Ok so the $40 baby Catalina is over, but the $30 Huggies is still good? Are diapers included in mega sale? Trying to pre-plan all my numbers as I will have a toddler with me. Thanks in advance!


January 21, 201604:48 pm

The Huggies Catalina is still running until 1/24/16 and diapers and wipes are included in the mega sale. (At least they were at my local Kroger in WV). I was able to get 4 packs of diapers and 2 packs of wipes for $15.32 today! Definitely a good time to stock up!


January 20, 201609:35 am

Anyone visit Kroger yet today? At work praying the baby aisle Catalina is still running!


January 20, 201611:55 am

Unfortunately, the baby aisle catalina has officially ended. The Huggies catalina is still running for a few more days. Mixed with the Kroger mega event, it's still a good deal. Thank you so much for posting these things Katie, you're awesome!


January 19, 201610:05 pm

I just want to say thanks so much for the scoop on the catalina deals on huggies/baby products. I got both catalinas today! I had coupons and could have saved more but was unsure if I would qualify for it by using them...but now that I have read through more comments I believe I could have bought$40 in huggies products AND then used my $5.50 off and actually paid $34.50 AND got $20 for next transaction. Is this correct?


January 19, 201609:51 pm

New to all this very interested in saving how do I then spend my catalinas


January 19, 201604:40 pm

I don't know what to do! lol. I was planning to use the rest of my coupons tomorrow when the mega sale started (triple dipping! haha) but now I'm nervous that if the baby aisle catalina ends today, I could miss it by waiting until tomorrow

Bonnet Riddles

January 19, 201603:52 pm

We have heard from a local Kroger manager that the Catalina will probably continue for another week.


January 19, 201609:38 am

Just a warning that if you have store coupons, even paper coupons, those will come off before your $40 is calculated. I found out the hard way and didn't get the Catalina :(

Amanda Kelley

January 19, 201602:31 pm

I know if you had coupons on your kroger card it affected the total amount, but I had no problem doing my (six) transactions and getting the catalina. You may want to call the # and see if you can get it worked out! Good luck! :)


January 19, 201602:07 pm

I spent over $40 but I had paper store coupons for $5 off diaper purchase and $2 off wipes purchase. With those coupons included my total was under the $40. I submitted a form through the Catalina support and they said my order did not qualify for the $10 cat. This was in NW Ohio. Paper manufacturers coupons are not a problem.


January 20, 201601:21 pm

Just to clarify, you are not talking about "manufacturer" but "store" coupons? If store, those may work differently and affect the total


January 19, 201612:26 pm

I did two trans and still got catalinas. I heard it was the case if you used coupons from your krogers card. I believe it takes it off your order before the total is calculate. but if you purchase $40 worth and then use paper coupons, the paper coupons is like money and doesn't effect your total to meet.


January 19, 201612:09 pm

this was not the case for me

Leigh Ann

January 20, 201607:47 am

Nor I..Ive done this twice now.Both times I recieved two ten dollar catalinas.I even spoke to the store manager before checking out..I was told if it didnt work I could return everything and get my money and coupons back..I had a gift card,coupons and a few other catalinas I used toward the purchases..My first transaction I spent 3.35 on 5 packs of huggies and The second purchase I spent 9.26 on 4 packs of huggies and a package of wipes..Both times I recieved the 20.00 back..Thanks for paoting about this..saved me lots of money :)


January 19, 201608:55 am

Does the Huggies Catalina end today, as well?


January 19, 201609:39 am

No, that ends the 24th