1/25 – 2/21 | PowerBar Products
Buy (6-9) = $2.00 OYNO
Buy (10-14) = $3.00 OYNO
Buy (15+) = $4.00 OYNO


powerbar cat

The FREE PowerBar deal with the Kroger Mega Sale just got WAY better.  Starting today we have a Catalina running on these bars.  Make sure you get to as many computers as you can to print this $2/4 coupon.  You'll pay completely nothing for these bars and get a $2.00 Catalina back for every 8 that you buy.  Score!!


Deal Scenario:

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February 12, 201608:53 am

Hello there! This post couldn't be written any better! Looking at this post reminds me of my previous roommate! He continually kept talking about this. I will send this information to him. Pretty sure he will have a good read. Thank you for sharing!


January 28, 201602:13 pm

How many times can u get that catalina!!!!!


January 27, 201612:51 pm

Hey, I know the solution to your problem, some cashier ring up the power bars as a quantity of 16 or whatever you buy, the MUST scan each individual item for the mega sale AND the coupons to work. Hope that helps

Santa Clause

February 6, 201611:06 am

Actually they can do qty 16 and scan 1 and it WILL work the same. They don't have to scan each individual bar unless you got different flavors. :)


January 26, 201603:14 pm

Also if you buy 10 it bumps you up to $3 back and less filler items to meet the requirement, still ends up being FREE plus $2 back and you get 10 for FREE


January 26, 201611:26 am

I live in louisville my kroger will not give any monies back... i was -1.72 and kroger kept the money


January 26, 201611:03 am

Ours are on the last aisle of the store, across from the paper product, near the pharmacy.


January 25, 201607:54 pm

I went to Kroger to buy some with my Smartsource printed out coupons and the cash register couldn't ring up my coupons. Did anyone else run into this problem? He said an error came up with the barcode and it wouldn't ring up. Also, he said that when I printed out the coupons, they won't take more than 2 print out coupons of the same product (the print out have the same PIN number he stated, and they won't take more than 2 that share the same number). Anyways, the coupons' barcodes could not be read, so I couldn't get any power bar freebies :(

tina ethan

February 11, 201610:50 pm

i had the same problem i went to the customer service and they rang right up , the lady at customer service said it was the sanner at the register sometimes


January 26, 201608:04 am

https://www.kroger.com/topic/coupon-policy "Store Management has the right to accept, decline or limit the use of ANY coupon(s). Store Management has the right to limit the quantity of coupons and/or items purchased in a single transaction, by a single Customer, or in a single day." "In some instances, Internet coupons may be limited to two (2) coupons per Customer in a single day."


January 27, 201603:39 am

Yes I understand the coupon policy, but some cashiers are down right rude accusing you of making copies when you haven't. Some don't take the time or patience to really attempt to do a good scan. Times are hard for people on a fixed income. We buy the newspapers and ink, printers,locate the coupons, cut, print, swap, anything to lower our grocery bill. I never buy anything I don't absolutely need unless its with a coupon. At my favorite kroger in TN the lady who is at the self checker goes over and above to assist and help to make sure all coupons are scanned and she is never rude or looks down at me when I'm trying to do my best to feed my family. Went to kroger sunday and did not use the self checker but wish I had, the cashieer was complaining about so many customers coming in store. "They just keep comming in, look at these lines, never going to get a break." This was first day most could get out due to 9 inches of snow. Will make sure from now on I take the time to use the self checker no matter how long it takes me.


January 27, 201612:26 am

Ok, thanks for the heads up!


January 25, 201608:20 pm

He is wrong. These coupons all have unique pin numbers. Look at them yourself. The pin number is under the expiration date. That checkout you used might have a bad scanner. Go to a different checkout or try another store. We have to save a file each time when we click on the print button. Then we use Acrobat to open the file. If you try to print from the file more than once, it will give you an error message. That's why when we want to print another coupon, we have to save another file. That leads to all of the coupons having their own unique numbers.


January 25, 201609:33 pm

Gosh, you're right! I just looked at the coupons now. They DO all have different PIN numbers. He accused me of making duplicates but I DID have to save a new file every single time to print the coupon (since you mentioned it). I wondered why it didn't scan then. It was a huge fiasco. He called the manger over. The line was held up. Then he tried scanning it after discussing with the manager on whether it was ok to scan "duplicate" coupons. It didn't scan and he called the manager over again. I have heard it worked with my friends, should have argued harder but I was too uncomfortable in that situation and wasn't sure if I just couldn't use the coupons. It was quite upsetting because it ruined my "Buy 6, get $3 off" numbers and I ended up having a more expensive bill. Completely ruined my day :-/


January 25, 201610:43 pm

That sucks. If your print is nice and dark, the problem is with the scanner at that register. I feel that the self-checkout attendants do a better job scanning coupons because those handheld scanners may be more sensitive or cleaner. I would have cancelled the entire transaction or just returned everything at customer service the next day. You can try printing more coupons with another browser or open a private window. With two browsers (Firefox/Chrome), if they work properly, I think each of them can print four coupons so one computer can give you eight prints.


January 27, 201612:25 am

Aww, thanks hun, for the advice and listening to me vent. I'm not sure if the power bars are still on sale. It's the last day of the 6 items, $3 off deal here, so I'm not sure if they would be continuing the sale for the next week. Maybe I'll check it out and try again later in the week. The kroger is right by my apt, so I'll probably just hit up the same kroger and try the self-checkout. I can't returned everything that I bought because I used other coupons and returning the items would mean I lose the use of those coupons, haha. Oh well, it's ok. Fingers crossed on a successful transaction on my next grocery shopping outing, haha.


January 25, 201608:14 pm

Bummer. I will need to test mine if I can even get them to print! My computer does not like Smart Source


January 25, 201607:17 pm

What are you using as a filler for those 4 more items since you only have 8 of the bars? I am a little confused.


January 25, 201608:24 pm

These Powerbars are included in the Buy 6 save $3 Mega event. So you just need to buy 4 fillers that are also on the inclusion list.


January 25, 201601:09 pm

I looked for these the other day and couldn't find them. Does anyone have any advice on where they are located in the store?? TY


January 26, 201607:58 am

ours are in the same aisle as granola and protein bars, but on opposite side


January 25, 201601:42 pm

They are located near the organic food section! They are normally on the same isle as the organic juice, coconut water, etc. Hope that helps! :)


January 25, 201612:36 pm

I hope someone someone knows about my inquiry becase i am heading now to kroger.thanks!


January 25, 201612:25 pm

If I have 4 of these coupons, can I get 2 seperate $2 ONYOs? And if I can, can I use either of them within that same expiration date? Or will 1 cancel out the other?

Santa Clause

February 6, 201608:43 am

If you have 4, buy 16, use 4 q's and get 2 fillers. You will get 1 $4 catalina


January 25, 201612:25 pm

Can i use edigital coupon plus 2 printable coupon for this? Total of 3 manufacturer coupon in 1 transaction ?


January 25, 201604:46 pm

Yes, you can use one digital coupon plus two printables in one transaction to purchase 12 powerbars and get back $3.00 OYNO.


January 25, 201612:05 pm

Just want to let everyone know that Smart Source also has an iPhone app. I just downloaded it and was able to print 2 from that app!


January 25, 201602:00 pm

Printing in incognito will give you extra prints as well. I could print four extras in chrome and three extras in firefox and three extras in edge. Make sure you exit your browser each time and go back in to smartsource via incognito to get this to work.


February 2, 201607:07 pm

Is that legal or fraud? Just because you CAN do it doesn't mean it's RIGHT to do it. After the first one, just use the $2 OYNO and get 6 more ad infinitum. With the Buy 6, Get $3, they come out to 0.16 each. Great deal!

Santa Clause

February 6, 201610:49 am

It is perfectly legal. As long as every q is unique and has different serial #'s you are fine. :) I like making money not spending it so I will buy 16, get 2 fillers, and get a $4 cat each transaction. :)


January 26, 201601:00 pm

THANK YOU! Got my extra prints, my dad LOVES these, SOOOO HAPPY!


January 25, 201604:20 pm

Thank you! I never knew this was possible!

Debbie Bennett

January 25, 201612:21 pm

Thank you for this!!