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Just thought I’d give you a sneak peek into what we’ve been up to this weekend! Here at Kroger Krazy we are always endeavoring to make things BETTER! We all met at Kendra’s house in Marietta, OH (4 hour drive for Jacqueline and almost that long for me!). After smothering that baby with kisses we got right to work! First thing we did was roll out a HUGE reel of paper, got out the sharpies and started brainstorming! We’re working on a new layout for the site to make things easier to for YOU. Don’t worry, the site will look very much the same as it does now, but with more navigation options. This is a GOOD thing!!

Are there any things you would like to see change here on KrogerKrazy.com? Anything that would make your life easier?

I also have something very exciting up my sleeve that I can’t wait to share with you, but it’s hush hush until all the logistics are in place. Let’s just say, this will soon be your one-stop shop no matter what Kroger region you live in, if it isn’t already. 😉

Love our readers
I love hearing from you! If you do this deal, please be sure to leave a comment and give this post a share. Thank you for showing up every day. I have the absolute BEST readers.
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January 13, 201612:58 pm

thanks so much for all your hard works guys! your site is awesome as is and sure it will stay awesome even with changes. every change you have made has made it better and better! you help me stay organized with couponing. which helps myself and my family a ton. thanks again!

Shannon Martineau

January 13, 201606:59 am

I love your videos that break it down for us moms on how u get stuff for free or almost free and the links to the coupons are awesome! Thank u for everything you do!!!

Melissa Brandvold

January 11, 201612:19 pm

maybe a link to good deals that dont require printing or clipping coupons. (digital stuff is ok)

Melissa Brandvold

January 11, 201612:18 pm

when there are $5 off 5 items type of sales (I guess thats called mega sales ;) I love your list of "filler items" but sometimes I dont know where to find that. A tab for that would be good.


January 11, 201610:46 am

We live in the south (Houston, TX) and the differences from region to region are so few that, in my opinion, I really don't need it tweaked for my specific area especially if it is a headache to get done!! Not sure if the other experienced couponers would agree with that statement but I started using your site years ago when we lived in Michigan and after moving, quickly learned which deals do/don't apply to our area. Just my two cents and thanks so much for the extensive work I know each of you do!!


January 11, 201606:50 am

Thank you for all that you do for us with your awesome site! I live in Atlanta and have noticed that in your weekly deals MAYBE 1 or 2 of them we don't have but for the most part it's spot on. The catalinas kind of freak me out. Sometimes the deals work and sometimes they don't. If I go to the service desk regarding the catalina deal, most of the time they don't know what I am talking about. AWKWARD!! When they ask me where I got my information I say, "UUMMM Kroger Krazy!!!" Love the Friday MUST Do videos and here is my request, would you please put the Friday must do list on your site earlier or even post it Thursday night? Thanks ladies!! You guys ROCK!


January 13, 201612:55 pm

before you go you can check the catalina website to see if they are available in your area. if they dont print up then send a ticket in on catlina website. i live in ohio and most of the sales and all cats are spot on katies region but she does do the cincy area on here so that makes it easy for me. but i have had some still not print up. the catalina company is awesome at making sure you get them. i usually get them within a few days to a week of sending in a ticket to them. good luck to your couponing and hopefully this helps you out. oh and katie has a link to the cat site somewhere on here. but i usually type in catalina coupons in my browser and it comes up


January 10, 201611:03 pm

I don't see the year on your posts (forgive me if I am missing it!) One time I was following something only to realize it wasn't even in the current year. Could you possibly add the year to your posts with the date or even in the fine print?


January 10, 201609:21 pm

I live in Las Vegas, NV and almost all of the deals you post work here!! I love your site and so do my friends that I recommend. I would love to see an App :) Great job, Thanks so much for posting all the awesome deals!!


January 10, 201603:36 pm

I love the site and appreciate the deal matchups you provide. The biggest annoyance for me is the time of page loads. I have a high speed connection and it still takes me 10 seconds+ for all the page components to load. As I type this comment, the Meet Katie video is playing on the screen and is slowing down my experience as well. I would suggest not having a lot of auto play video content on your page. Just my $.02. Keep up the great work! You save me $$$ :)

Kathy C.

January 10, 201601:16 pm

It's nice to see the people that make Kroger Krazy so great. My budget and I thank all of you for everything little thing you do because it makes such a difference!

Misty stover

January 10, 201604:16 am

I like the old site better

Megan R

January 10, 201603:56 am

I miss your Friday deal videos!!!! Please bring them back :D


January 10, 201601:26 am

Make an app!!!


January 10, 201612:13 am

Having automatic videos on the home page make it slow to load. Other than that I love your website! I like that it is mostly related to what it is coupons and not other things all the time.


January 9, 201611:39 pm

I don't know if it is just my phone...but I can't zoom out to see the whole site. For example when you put the prices for the Mega sale...I can't see them or zoom out to see them. Thanks for all you do!


January 9, 201609:40 pm

I have tried all the coupon sites out there, ,but Kroger Krazy is hands down the best! There are a couple other sites I used to check out but they have become too difficult to navigate because of the sponsors that advertise there. I'm sure they get paid for it which is great, but my computer continually freezes so I pretty much gave up trying. Thank you for all you do! You guys are awesome!!


January 9, 201609:25 pm

I've loved your site for years. The only issue I've ever had was my anti virus always pops on when I go to krogerkrazy.com. But that never stops me. :) Thanks girls for all of the hard work you do. I can't wait for the hush hush to come out!


January 9, 201609:02 pm

Thanks for all you for creating this website. It helps me to shop at Smith's Marketplace in Utah. I love the mega deal list and coupons linked. Catalinas is almost the same as Kroger. If it didn't print, then I just submit my receipts, and I do get them by mail. I also do appreciate the pre-scan ads. It's very close to Smith's ad. Thanks for allowing other shoppers to post their deals, because I always forget them and check for close out price later, and they're marked as close out too.


January 9, 201607:54 pm

What I love about your site, it loads very quickly, sites that revamp tend to have more things to load the page and it takes FOREVER to load them, don't go to KCL as much because of it, you are my go to for Smiths shopping in MT, I am almost daily recommending your site to someone even though you are not in our region. Navigation it GREAT, I visit many sites and this is always the first one of the day because of the ease of the read and quick loading. I love that the brown "bar" follows me down as I am reading and I do not have to "go to the top" to click on something else...ditto on what the reader said above, would love to know what state things are working in and not but we are getting the hang of it and I have seen more readers posting the "where". Please don't take away posts, it is all info, forget those who are out to yank your chain, I hope you know we have your back and LOVE what you do to save us money!


January 9, 201606:43 pm

I love all the work team Krazy kroger does but it would be good to see what city and state people are when the leave comments or find a great deal. When I read the post I always wonder where they are. For example: the catalina printed out 2.00 for buying four cans of Ortega beans. Then when I buy those items no cats are printed. It would be nice to know that person was in portland, Oregon and not in houston texas. Maybe you can add the city and state on those leaving posts. Just makes it easier. Thank you again for all the hard work you guys do in order for us to make ends meet.


January 9, 201606:40 pm

Make it easy to print several that are on yor site says they have never been able to print a coupin please make it easy


January 10, 201604:10 pm

She has no control over what coupons people can and can not print. She just provides match ups for ads.