12/27 – 1/24 | Huggies Diapers, Huggies Wipes, Pull-Ups, Training Pants or GoodNites Underwear (Jumbo Packs or larger)

Buy $30.00 = $10.00 OYNO

Dates Unknown (maybe 1/19)| Baby Aisle Catalina
Buy $40.00 = $10.00 OYN Baby Aisle Purchase

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The $2/1 Huggies Diapers printable is BACK and we have a brand new one to add to the mix!! 

We have a Huggies Catalina generating at Kroger until January 24th. On top of this, we also have a NEW Baby Aisle Catalina generating at Kroger.  Spend $40 in the baby aisle and make sure that AT LEAST $30 of that is on Huggies products, to get BOTH (2) $10 coupons to print at register.

I have a couple of deal scenarios for you below but make sure you look at all the coupons available and choose a scenario that works best for your and your baby.

NOTE: In the video I gave you a price of $2.74 for diapers. That's when I thought that the Pampers Diapers would work.  When I tested it tonight it did NOT work.  So scratch Pampers diapers and move on to other items. If you want to make sure your items are included in the Catalina, look for the <C mark (shown below) to ensure that you will get the $10 Catalina for Baby Aisle.


Click HERE to find all the items that were tagged in my store for the Baby Aisle Catalina.

Deal Scenarios:


Remember, the $40 “total purchase” is your PRE-coupon total, meaning the coupons you use will NOT change the fact that you just spent 40 bucks. The only caveat to this rule is Kroger DIGITAL coupons. These WILL reduce your “total spent”, so make sure you don't have any of those loaded that will make your total dip below $40.

If you have access to more coupons and want to do these deal more than once, be sure to separate your transactions to ensure your Catalinas print. And remember, Kroger Catalinas ALWAYS roll!! Want to learn more about how Kroger Catalinas work, including what to do if you don't receive yours? Read THIS POST.

Thanks Scout!


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January 25, 201612:46 am

I bought 4 Sargento Cheese packages (2 sliced and 2 shredded) and received a $2 oyno Catalina! It was a nice surprise. I didn't see it on the list anywhere here...


January 22, 201608:37 am

is this deal still good for both of the 10 catalinas? have a great day.


January 16, 201611:53 pm

This deal ROCKS! Our Fred Meyers had the diapers for $8.29 a pack so I ended up getting 5 packs of diapers for a little over $15.00. Rolled the deal again and now totally stocked up. Thanks soo much for alerting us to these deals. Wasn't even sure if Fred Meyers would include both cats but thought it was worth a try and worked like a charm.


January 16, 201610:17 pm

Does anyone know how long this deal is good?


January 14, 201601:25 pm

What about if you spend $80? Would it print out additional catalinas? Or does it limit it to one per purchase (one of the huggie catalinas and one of the baby aisle catalinas?


January 14, 201601:30 pm

You would need to split your order into 2 transactions in order to get 2 sets of catalinas.


January 14, 201601:05 pm

Can anyone confirm if I use the cantalina $10+$10 from previous transaction, will I still get 2 more for buying $40?


January 14, 201601:40 pm

I did it this morning. Used both catalinas and got back both catalinas.


January 14, 201611:19 am

I LOVE THIS DEAL!!!! We only get this kind of savings on diapers ever so often so I stock up every time. And I absolutely love that the coupons keep getting relisted this time around. In the past week I have popped in several times to roll those catalinas and have 12packs of huggies & 4 packs of wipes stocked up for future use. I'm goin back one more time today to do it twice more thanks to new coupons. Shouldn't have to buy anymore for a while lol Can't even get generics at this good of a price! My only wish is that the $3 coupons would have shown up too lol Thanks to couponing, I have peace of mind in knowing that I can make every penny stretch the limit. I don't usually stock pile to this extreme but it's awesome to know that I can for those pricey items. Love it! Thank You Katie!