Yesterday we got this NEW $2.00 Tide printable coupon.  We also got some in our Procter & Gamble inserts so I wanted to give you an update.


And then we got these two Kroger Digital coupons as well so make sure you download those too!



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January 26, 201609:30 pm

I am super new to all the couponing so please forgive me if this is a silly question. Does the coupon go towards each individual bag of tide pods? Do you have to do 6 separate transactions to get them for $1.50 each. I'm sure you have to get them all together so I'm just not sure. Thanks in advance!


January 27, 201609:05 am

Short answer: one coupon per bag. My Kroger only allows 5 of the same coupon per day... so if i were to do this wanting to get 6 bags, i'd have to either a.) get 6 bags, use 5 coupons or b.) get 5 bags and 1 filler item, use 5 coupons. To make things more confusing, some coupons are limited to the number you can use per transaction, so in this case if the coupon clearly states "limit 2 per transaction", that means you can only use 2, regardless of how many the store lets you use. So the scenario for 6 bags in that instance would mean you could only get 2 at a time - get 2 bags, 4 fillers, use 2 pod coupons. Sometimes the store lets you do more than one transaction (repeat previous scenario until you have the number of bags you need), sometimes they don't. Seems to depend on who's working at my stores. Hope that's not too confusing!!


January 26, 201601:29 pm

I'm so confused... i know different regions get different coupons, but i guess i thought all P&G were the same... all my January PG expired 1/23 and the PG i just got in last weekend's paper (February) don't expire until 2/20... i cannot find this $3/1 Pods coupon in either of them, and none of the coupons expire 2/7... grrrr.... Is anyone else having this issue or am i going crazy?


January 26, 201601:42 pm

it's on the kroger app


January 27, 201609:00 am

I know that there is a digital coupon available, but i'm talking about the paper coupon.


January 27, 201604:20 pm

Some papers didn't get the coupon. There was a message printed where the coupons would have normally been directing you to a website to print them.