We have an AWESOME $1.50/1 Organic Valley Organic Fuel Protein Shake Coupon available. Guess what? It's in the Kroger Mega Sale too! But then make sure you submit for $1.50 cash back on Ibotta because you'll end up making a little money!!  I'm in too!!



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January 21, 201610:26 pm

Is this item sale regional? My store in Cincinnati, OH did not have it labeled as part of the mega sale. Anyone else run into this case too?


January 22, 201604:39 pm

I live in columbus, and if you find the book thats list all the mega items, it is listed in there. I looked all over my store, but could not find it, asked manager and he cant find it either.


January 25, 201610:24 pm

Thank you for the response! I am assuming my store forgot label it as a mega item then. I will definitely pick this up next time I go.


January 21, 201612:36 pm

My stores had Muscle Milk as part of this sale, but this organic stuff was no where to be found. I looked all over and even asked the service desk, but no one knew what it was or where to find it. =/


January 21, 201608:13 pm

I found it in my store in the water aisle beside the Gatorade. Unfortunately they were all expired - VERY expired. Bummer!


January 21, 201601:01 pm

I saw it in my energy drinks and water isle. Might want to check that.


January 21, 201602:42 pm

Bummer, i did - i looked in with the Juice, with the Gatorade, down the beverage aisle, i even looked thru the organic section thinking it might be there.