Make sure to head to Kroger if you're in need of laundry detergent and fabric softener.  We received new a new printable and insert coupon over the weekend so make sure you head to Kroger to stock up on all and Snuggle.


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February 23, 201608:43 am

I haven't seen this anywhere, except a picture I see in Katie's all/snuggle picture toggle... There is a picture that flashes that includes Snuggle Exhilarations dryer sheets. It is the box I see in the picture, not the bottle. And I think I see a date on it as 3/1/16 but I am not sure. I only use the dryer sheets as the fabric softener goops up in my washer dispenser so often and is a pain to deal with, plus the dryer sheets give you more loads for the same price. So my question is this: are the Snuggle dryer sheets part of this all/snuggle deal. If anyone knows or can confirm that they purchased the dryer sheets that would be of great help to me. Thanks!


February 11, 201609:03 pm

Thanks Tina for responding


February 9, 201605:42 pm

Awww man!!! I bought 2 All products today and didn't know about this offer


February 10, 201608:50 pm

Take your receipt back to get your free snuggle softner


February 9, 201610:50 am

Perhaps it varies by store?


February 9, 201610:50 am

I just double checked my receipt and yes, I received 2 free Snuggles. It also let me use a coupon for each Snuggle.


February 9, 201609:51 am

Can someone verify that you can use multiple sets in one transaction? I seen where someone said you should do the transaction separates and another said you can do multiples in one transaction. I have 4 sets of coupons in hopes to get 8 ALL detergents and 4 Snuggles today.


February 9, 201609:26 am

Jennifer, I bought 4 in the same transaction and gave me both Snuggles free.


February 10, 201611:36 am

Dang it! I guess that was the store's mistake. Thanks!


February 9, 201609:55 am

I just posted asking if you can do multiples in one transaction - I seen it was successful butt also seen it was not for another, so wanted to clarify!


February 9, 201609:06 am

I ring everything up have the cashier scan my coupons then put my Kroger plus card in last. If you do it in this order the snuggles q will already be applied to your order before the Kroger plus card deal takes the value to $0. Hope this helps


February 7, 201609:29 pm

Can I buy 2 Snuggle Fabric Softner and Get One Free On This Deal?


February 6, 201608:45 pm

Make sure you do them in separate transactions. I totally messed mine up today. I bought four All and two Snuggle. I ended up paying $8 with a $2 catalina and a $1 digital, only one Snuggle was free. Still a good price but when I looked back at the receipt I realized what I did wrong. My total would have been about $2 for all six items if done correctly.


February 5, 201609:05 pm

Hi! How can I get the $1/1 off the All Detergent?


February 3, 201611:17 pm

There's actually a $0.50 off e coupon from Kroger and it works for this as well


February 3, 201612:35 pm

I'm unable to print any All laundry detergent coupons on any of the sites. Is there any way you can e-mail a couple to me?


February 3, 201606:05 pm

The $1 coupon she references is from a Insert from the newspaper insert Red Plum received on 01/03/16 *1-3-16 RP *. It not available to print online to my knowledge


February 5, 201609:03 pm

Thanks, I have another question....Are the coupons only good for the zip code that a person lives or can I print coupons from the zip codes of another area as long as it is in the same state?


February 8, 201611:55 pm

It doesn't matter where you live. You can print from any zip code.


February 3, 201611:24 am

Do you know if there is a limit to this deal? I have 4 All $1/1 Q's and would like to use them all at once. Would I get 2 free Snuggles?

Kim Williams

February 3, 201607:16 pm

Yes you will get 2 snuggle free did deal today.


February 4, 201612:24 pm

GREAT! Thank you Kim! Going today :)


February 3, 201611:10 am

There's a $.50 off Snuggle product on Redplum.com.

Sam Wibbels

February 4, 201608:15 am

if the snuggle rings up $0.00 then you can not use a coupon on the item. I am not sure how it would ring at Kroger, so plan accordingly


February 5, 201601:08 am

You can still use .50 off of snuggle on free items done it before so 3.48 for 3


February 6, 201601:35 pm

to use the .50 off of snuggle it depends on your store will allow it or not.