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Get those scissors out and clip the BIG FAT $3 Bic Razors coupon from yesterday's Smartsource insert, then head to Kroger where you'll be picking up these disposable razor packages for FREE! Great donation item!!

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March 2, 201608:08 am

I spoke too soon ! They wouldn't take this one because it was for a penny over. I, too, used the coupon at Walmart with no problem. Becca, I didn't have any problem with the Colgate coupons this morning. I think it was because it was part of the mega sale and the 1.00 from the mega sale is deducted apart from the price of the the item, if that makes sense.


March 1, 201602:44 pm

What zip code?


March 1, 201609:25 am

I was not allowed to use it at my Kroger they said it was for $3 off, and the razors are $2.99, I was so upset I went to Walmart and had no problem using it, So now I'm wondering how its going to be with the tooth paste sale tomorrow.

Linda Steed

February 29, 201604:24 pm

I went to the Smartsource site and couldn't find the coupon. Any ideas?


February 29, 201603:26 pm

*"Simply Soleil"


February 29, 201603:25 pm

Yes, I was so upset but decided not to make a big deal. My thought was if the price tag where they keep them has "razor" then "shaver" means the same thing. Plus, they were wiped out except the one I found. That means other cashiers are allowing the coupons. I went to Walmart after that for a price match but they were out, too. I bought the "Simply Solely" marked for $3.27. I paid 88¢ for three packs of three. I was happy with that purchase.


February 29, 201603:00 pm

I am going to call corporate because I really don't see why they wouldn't take it. If anything they make a penny from my using it!


February 29, 201605:19 pm

I called corporate and they told me that stores "vary," but she told me that they should have allowed me to use it. She offered to call the store for me, so that was nice. I just wish that Kroger would more clearly define the coupon policy. Instead they just say that the store has the right to refuse ANY coupon. I had made a special stop there while I was out just for these razors since I won't be able to stop back in before the new sale starts.


February 29, 201602:55 pm

Marie, that is crazy! I am thankful the Kroger near me is totally coupon friendly. I don't think they ever even look at the coupons. They just scan them. I've actually had to start keeping better track of my e coupons because I found a few times they had even pushed coupons through when I unknowingly had an e coupon for the item.


February 29, 201602:53 pm

No. This did not work. The manager and the cashier told me that because the coupon exceeded the value of the item (by the one penny) that I couldn't use the coupon. Just bought the lady version at Target with no problems and they were $2.95


February 29, 201605:33 pm

Coupon is for more than the regular price of the item.. They will never work


February 29, 201605:35 pm

It's good to know for the future. For me, from now on any deal like this is an automatic no.


February 29, 201602:06 pm

I wasn't allowed the use of the coupon. The cashier said the package says "shaver" and the coupon says "razor". Seriously?!! Ugh!! She even asked a manager.