I love this deal on Sundown Adult Multivitamins which we have plenty of coupons to choose from. They are Buy One Get One Free until 2/16 so that means you have some time to use this coupon. If your store is like mine and rings each item up as half off your deal will be better. In the past I thought they used to ring up one full price and one free but that's no longer the case for me and hopefully you too!! 🙂


If your store rings these up half off, your scenario will look like this:

If your store rings these up full price and free, your scenario will look like this:

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Tanya Begley

February 4, 201612:25 pm

Yay! I was able to get two bottles of these for $2 each (my Kroger rings them up half price). I also got the Mt. Olive pickle relish for 50 cents, a previous Friday Freebies that had been out of stock (Sunny D), a free jar of Kroger peanut butter as well as a free bottle of Kroger salad dressing (both Best Customer Bonus eCoupons), 7 bags of Black Forest Gummies at 25 cents a bag, two packs of Hormel pepperoni for 50 cents a pack with a $1.00 off 2 coupon (they were on sale for 10 for 10).....and a bag of 6 apples for 0.99 (Manager's Special) for around $8.00. This means I got all this stuff for what would have been the cost of 1 bottle of vitamins originally.