Get this Right Guard Xtreme coupon printed up as soon as you can because that means you are going to grab some FREE antiperspirant/deodorant with the Kroger Mega Sale.  The Odor Combat variety is NOT part of the mega event so if you want to use that coupon you'll be paying $1.89.



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March 7, 201601:51 pm

* * BE CAREFUL * * Kroger in Southwest OH does NOT have the Xtreme Odor Combat apart of the mega sale!! KK shows; "Or $2.00/1 Right Guard Xtreme Odor Combat Antiperspirant Deodorant Product – 3-6-16 RP (exp 04/06/16) – IF included" And they WILL not be free!! Pay close attention to coupon details & items that are on sale.


March 7, 201612:55 pm

Who needs 30 deoderants? After suffering the results of a shelf clearer recently, I find that more than a little aggravating.

Alicia Johnson

March 7, 201610:32 pm

I agree with you. Our store still had plenty on the shelves today. Usually I get 2 at a time with coupons that make the product free. I only get more when its the last day of the sale but not 30. I know some people get large amounts and they say they are donating them. That's nice but there are people out there that use coupons as a way to save money so that they won't have to go to food pantries and organizations for assistance.


March 7, 201602:07 pm

I agree the shelf are empty. Who needs 30, really, just want 2., Frustrating!


March 7, 201601:24 pm

I agree, a lot of times there are none left when I just want 1 or 2 !


March 7, 201612:03 pm

Awesome deal. I got a total of 30 deodorant's and payed only tax 3.30 cents.


March 7, 201605:28 pm

That's pretty rude, actually. Nothing to brag about.


March 7, 201610:18 am

My store had the Odor Combat Surge (red) but it wasn't ringing up on sale. I am 100% sure I saw it on sale. I had to return them. Lost my $2 coupons because I didn't notice until I checked my receipt. :(

Alicia Johnson

March 7, 201610:36 pm

Same thing happened to me today except it was the toothpaste. One of the enamel health ones I grabbed didn't ring up the sale price. I didn't notice until I unloaded my stuff at home and went through the receipt. I was shopping with my kids so I didn't notice the mistake at the register.

Rhonda Rhudy

March 10, 201610:47 am

Do you guys have the "scan right" rule for Kroger in your state? It either scans right...or it's free. You have to wait till it's all rung up...then go to customer service. If you do it before, they only have to adjust the price


March 7, 201610:09 am

There's a $2 digital coupon on the Kroger app as well as a $2 SavingStar rebate for this product!