I know I do not have to tell you smart people to STOP what you're doing and print this RARE Goldfish coupon that will make the whole grain varieties FREE with the Kroger Mega Event!!!


(Thanks Southern Cali Saver!)

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May 4, 201601:48 pm

Hola podrias ayudarme a conseguir esos cupon quisiera hacerle una fiesta ami hija. Gracias


March 15, 201611:15 am

Kroger in Marion, Ohio by Wal-Mart would not take my sister's coupons. They told her these coupons were counterfeit. The woman told her that if the coupon has a square box anywhere that they are counterfeit. She printed them from here. What is going on????

Andrew F.

March 15, 201603:46 pm

The coupons are perfectly valid. I assume the "square box" she was referring to was the QR code box (a series of square pixels arranges in the square shape). This box is present on all valid Smartsource and Revtrax printables (these coupons were offered via the Revtrax coupon platform). uses a rectangle dot-scan bar code. The cashier was confused or misinformed. I'd ask to talk with the store manager in that situation. There is nothing wrong of counterfeit about the coupon.


March 13, 201602:12 pm

Its a shame we cant even get 2 coupons because of the hoarders, they have to have them all for the giant stockpile house


March 13, 201608:23 am

Does anyone have a coupon that they haven't used in TN, that I could get one please


March 12, 201609:19 pm

no more coupon


March 12, 201608:56 pm

Yep, same here. Says I have printed my limit.


March 12, 201607:34 pm

already gone!!! I just went to the page and says i done exceeded my prints and haven't even printed! :(


March 12, 201607:30 pm

Looks like this coupon is gone..... :(


March 12, 201606:51 pm

IT exceed? I haven't print any :(


March 12, 201609:16 am

I literally ran to the computer to print this! Lol. Thanks!!!


March 11, 201611:37 pm

How do u get the coupon twice


March 11, 201609:55 pm

Woohoo! Got my two coupons! Thanks!!!


March 11, 201611:01 pm

You can print 2 per browser. Worked for me. 2 on Explorer, 2 on Mozilla, 2 on Google Chrome, 2 on Safari.


March 12, 201604:28 pm

Thanks for reminding me to use more than one browser! it worked for me too!

Barb Wyatt

March 11, 201608:23 pm

Click one the link posted, not the picture to get to the coupon. One per purchase means one coupon per item purchase. If the coupon said one coupon per transaction, then you would be only allowed to use that one coupon in your transaction, regardless of how many of that item you bought (you would have to at least purchase the minimum required on the coupon). Also, you can print 2 coupons per browser, so if you have IE, Google Chrome, and Modzilla, you should be able to print 6 coupons per computer.


March 11, 201608:14 pm

The coupon wouldn't load, tried 3 times then it told me I exceeded my limit. No. Coupon but can't print anymore. Whatever.


March 11, 201607:19 pm

This coupon states, "one coupon per purchase." Does this mean that I can only use one coupon, even if I buy 4 bags of goldfish?


March 12, 201601:46 pm

One coupon per purchase means you can use one coupon per item. So you can't use one coupon on four bags. You need to have four coupons for four bags.


March 12, 201609:24 pm

Thanks, Sam. I have the 4 coupons but just wanted to make sure purchase meant per product purchased and not per transaction. The wording is tricky.