We have a new March to Savings Instant Win Game where you can win FREE Ritz, Tyson, Velveeta, Coca-Cola and more!! This instant win game runs until April 4 so you have plenty of time to be a big winner. Let us know what you win in the comments!!

This week ONLY: Between 3/13-3/20 only, Participants may participate in the Game twice per day as follows: once between 12:00am (PT) through 12 noon (PT), and a second time between 12:01pm (PT) and 11:59pm (PT) on the same day during the aforementioned time frames.

Which snack is America’s game day favorite? You decide! Each day, cast your vote in our snack bracket matchup for a chance to instantly win great prizes.


Instant Win Prizes

2,000 Winners
Reese’s® Minis King Size

500 Winners
Ritz® Crackers

2,000 Winners
Velveeta® Slices (12 oz.)

500 Winners
Ritz® Toasted Corn Chips

1,000 Winners
Any Coca-Cola Soft Drink (20 oz.)

500 Winners
Tyson® Crispy Chicken Strips

1,000 Winners
Powerade® (32 oz.)

500 Winners
Tyson® Any’tizers®

500 Winners
Ball Park® Flame Grilled Patties

500 Winners
Wheat Thins® Crackers

500 Winners
Screamin’ Sicilian™ Frozen Pizza

500 Winners
Wheat Thins® Toasted Pita

Limit of twelve (12) Instant Win prizes per person/Household/ Account during the entire Promotion Period. Limit one (1) prize per person/Household/ Account per prize type.

View the Official Rules

Thanks Kathy and Kathryn!

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March 27, 201610:25 pm

I won velveta slices on my first try. Every time after, nothing.


March 15, 201601:10 pm

I can't figure out how every time I play I pick one side my nana picks the other on hers & neither of us wins. We do it at the same time together so how can we both be wrong.


March 15, 201612:37 pm

I tried to vote a second time and it said I already voted today and I can only vote once per day. I logged out, waited 30 minutes, and tried again. Said the same thing. Did it before 12, then after, 50 minutes apart.


March 14, 201601:17 pm

Awesome, I just won velveeta slices!. Thanks for all you do!!!


March 14, 201612:22 pm

Thank you! Thank you for ALL you do!


March 14, 201612:04 pm

I can not even image the time and work that this team puts into this site. Please if you are not happy don't bash them in the comments section. I think you can send an email to make suggestions. Many thanks for all you and your team do to help us all save money!!! You go above and beyond!!!!


March 14, 201612:01 pm

Anyone else having problems with the Kroger site? I can see Katie's link but when I try to sign in, the page goes grey...

Andrew F.

March 14, 201611:45 am

Also, make sure to check the "Coupons" link after you've played for some additional Digital Coupons you might be interested in.


March 14, 201610:19 am

Unlike most of their games, this one you can play TWICE per day -- once between midnight and noon, then again between noon and midnight.


March 15, 201612:38 pm

would not let me do that. even logged out and waited.


March 14, 201610:11 am

If you click on the link to the official rules you can get to it. I think she does alot already to help us get good deals on things. She doesn't have to do what she does. So i think we need to be a little more grateful and figure some stuff out on our own.


March 14, 201610:15 am

Thank you Laura. I updated the link in the post so you can get it a bit better.


March 14, 201610:09 am

The game is at www.MarchtoSave.com Look for today's matchup.


March 14, 201610:04 am

That is what I am looking for too? She post stuff and you cant get it. She never answers your comments the box is full. This is a comment!


March 14, 201610:15 am

The link has been updated.


March 14, 201610:01 am

Where is the link to the game?


March 14, 201610:14 am

I updated the link in the post. Sorry about that.