Here is a NEW $1 Odom's Tennessee Pride coupon that can be used on ANY product. That means you can get the single serve sandwich for absolutely FREE at Kroger because they are still on sale until March 8th for a buck!


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March 4, 201602:57 pm

Went to my local Kroger the other night and they tried to scan my printed coupons. Three didn't scan and they handed them back to me and said if they don't scan they won't take them period. They said that a lot of coupons that are printed are fraudulent and they were told not to take them.


March 3, 201601:27 pm

My local Kroger stopped accepting 'printed' coupons. Period. End of story. Of course, I found out while checking out and I was SO embarrassed. I emailed Kroger corporate, and was informed that it is up to each store manager, HOWEVER, they told me to ask for "XYZ" the next time I was in store, and that they would accept my coupons. It's worth a shot.


March 3, 201612:31 pm

I had a similar experience to Jane's in October with DeLallo items. I noticed the cashier was reviewing the screen before scanning my coupon. Then she told me that they cannot accept a printed coupon that will produce a savings of greater than 75% off the price of the item. I simply said no problem and told her to remove the item and she gave me back the coupon. I couldn't get the Gnocchi for free, but she let me buy the Pizza Dough Kit for $0.25 which was actually 80% off. Go figure. Now I just avoid her line and there is never a problem!


March 3, 201602:40 pm

It's supposed to be 75% off the "regular selling price" of the item, and not the sale price, but my store will not budge on that rule. The checkers are very quick to deny a coupon that you have printed that will make the item FREE or 75% off. I don't waste my time printing those high value coupons BUT.....I figured out they work fine for any item in the mega event because the extra dollar coming off the item to make it free with your printable is a STORE PROMOTION. Bingo, the high value coupon works just fine since if I did not buy the 5 items, the price would be well within the 75% rule! (but beware, it will NOT work on a rain checked item after the mega sale is over because the registers will not be showing that store promotion) No one said saving money was easy!!!


March 3, 201611:24 am

I haven't had any problems using them.. And I found some more on smartsource.com! I just had to stock up!!


March 3, 201609:58 am

Well since it is also a Hopster coupon, my Kroger always rejects them because they will NOT scan at register. Plus, they deny me usage on anything that is 75% or greater off the value of the item. So frustrating to me!


March 3, 201609:45 am

I couldn't find any of the singles at my local Kroger. :(


March 3, 201607:04 pm

I couldn't find the singles local either. :-(


March 3, 201601:46 pm

Me neither. Went to a couple of different stores.