We have a HIGH VALUE Wild Planet coupon that will make for some cheap or FREE items at Kroger.  These items are located in the Organic/Natural Foods section.


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March 24, 201606:51 am

Not seeing a Coupon for this. Maybe it had a short run?


March 24, 201607:25 am

It's gone now. :(


March 23, 201603:34 pm

I tried printing the coupon but the actual print doesn't have a "manufacturer's coupon" written on top. Will Kroger accept it?


March 23, 201601:50 pm

Each one has an ID


March 23, 201601:26 pm

How many of these can we print? It prompted my printer and I put in 4, but is it ok to use all 4?


March 23, 201601:32 pm

Check the numbers on the coupon to make sure they are different. They are probably just copies of the one. I haven't printed the coupon yet to let you know where to look for the numbers. But if they have the same numbers, keep one and pitch the others because it is illegal to copy. Hope this helps.


March 25, 201610:35 pm

Question. If I didn't copy the coupon and it let me print them, who is to say it's illegal? What will happen if I use them? I'm confused because what does it really matter if I buy 4 product or if four different people buy 4 products? I guess I just don't understand why it should matter. Maybe someone can explain? TIA :)

Michael White

March 23, 201612:58 pm