2/22 – 3/20 | Ziploc brand Bags or brand Containers
Buy (3) – $2.00 OYNO
Buy (4+) = $3.00 OYNO


We have a Catalina generating on Ziploc storage bags as well as the storage containers.  I have a few deal scenarios for you!

2 4

Deal Scenarios:

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March 8, 201603:00 pm

Looks like $1.50/2 is done. I just tried, did the share and only got the option for $1/2 :(


March 7, 201610:39 am

I though you had to buy 5 to get sale looks like she only has 4 what have I missed


March 6, 201611:41 am

Just learned my lesson... Anything over four in one transaction is considered still only $4. Sigh.


March 6, 201611:37 am

I bought 24 ziplock a and the computer only printed (1) $3 Catalina? Never had that happen before.


March 9, 201610:58 am

I think you can only do 4 in a transaction to get the maximum amount. Since you got 24 you would have to do 6 different transactions to get 6 different Catalinas.


March 3, 201602:34 pm

Or if you still have the "use up to 5 times" $1/1 Ziploc coupon, you can get them for $.25! WOO!!


March 4, 201611:56 am

can you use that for one transaction? Meaning if I buy 5 ziploc containers in one transaction, will I get $1 off each?

Andrew F.

March 3, 201604:20 pm

The 5x Digital is for the 14-24 ct. bags only. It will certainly not work on the containers and most likely not work on the bags either since the Mega Event bags are 28-42 ct.


March 3, 201603:47 pm

Is that coupon just for the bags?


March 3, 201603:05 pm

YESSS! I still have mine! Thanks for the tip! :D


March 3, 201602:45 pm

Oh YAY!! I have that loaded. Thanks for the reminder. :)