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Don't miss out on this Nature Valley or Fiber One Grain Snacks (5-12ct) Kroger Digital Coupon (limit 5 in ONE transaction). This coupon will make these bars as low as $0.49. My ad (Columbus/Great Lakes) actually had these for $1.88 so we are seeing a much better price. You may see $1.88 for these which is still a stellar price.


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April 8, 201603:12 pm

I just came from Kroger and did this deal. Bought all 10 boxes of granola bars. It did the same to me. Went to service desk trying to explain. Finally ended up with manager. They didn't get it. They even called corporate customer service. After 25 minutes I left without my $2.50. Was late getting back to work. The were trying everything possible to say that I was not entitled to the $2.50. Said I was double dipping and in the end said they would be giving me back more than I had spent. Ugh! Will go to my regular store to see if they understand.


April 6, 201609:10 pm

Glad to know I was not the only one with this problem. I just went to the service and returned the whole thing.


April 6, 201605:52 pm

Need help- Just went and got 5-fiber one and 5-nature valley grain (1.88) from our local kroger store. ECoupon was applied 5 times (2$x5) but mega event savings .50cents were only applied for the last 5 items instead of all 10 items. Am I doing something wrong. I went back and checked all 10 items were in the mega event, but savings were applied to the bottom 5 items in the receipt. I noticed one thing where ever it said ecoupon that item dI'd not have .50 cents off. What shd I do.


April 7, 201608:42 am

What's really confusing is that the coupon shouldn't even apply to just 5 items, because it's supposed to be $2/2. So it should only apply to an even number of items. I'm second guessing doing this deal now.


April 6, 201607:35 pm

I bought 10 boxes and only 5X.50 came off as well. I went to customer service and explained that I had bought 10 mega sale items but only 5 came off. He refunded me the $1.50.


April 6, 201607:36 pm

oops, meant he refunded me $2.50.


April 6, 201607:32 pm

I think anyone doing this deal is going to run into the same problem you did. I just came back from the store and had the exact issue. The reason it isn't taking the $.50 off five of them is that the digital coupon attaches to the first five items, which puts each of those items price below zero. Therefore the mega event $.50 won't be taken off something that's already zero dollars or below. You're going to have to go in there ready to explain why it is wrong. My cashier just kept saying that the coupon put it below zero, and I kept reiterating that the coupon was $2 off 2 boxes and that because of that none of the items were zero dollars or less. Just plan on having to talk to a manager. In the end, the manager I dealt with manually took $2.50 off the total but I could tell that he wasn't quite getting it and wasn't convinced I wasn't ripping them off. I guess it was worth the hassle for a great price on an item my family loves.


April 7, 201612:49 pm

Thanks for the explanation... am doing this deal soon.. may just do the 10 at once by themselves that way its easier to see on my receipt so I can get my extra 2.50


April 7, 201609:34 am

Oh boy, thanks for pointing this out! I went yesterday and got the 10 Nature Valley, 4 Power bars and some filler items. My total should have been 11.54 but was almost $19. I knew it was wrong. I must have grabbed the wrong power bars, witch was a complete mess and distracted me from noticing this error in the fist place. Sigh..


April 6, 201602:19 pm

when I looked under "Frys" (which is what my kroger store is called), I couldn't find the coupon, but when I looked on "Krogers" site I found it.


April 6, 201602:01 pm

got using coupon with mea event, bought 10 pack but the mega event show only 5 times because of the coupon, the cashier was not cooperative so i got a refund for 5 boxes, great deal though


April 6, 201601:01 pm

Mine only comes up $.50 off, not $2 off. :(


April 7, 201606:32 pm

I am in Illinois and I also only have 50 cents off 2!


April 6, 201612:53 pm

This coupon should be available in your Kroger app to upload to your Kroger card

texas dad

April 6, 201612:17 pm

1.88 mega price in texas


April 6, 201611:55 am

I don't have any of these coupons either

texas dad

April 6, 201611:50 am

search by expiration is like the 10th coupon texas


April 6, 201611:13 am

Is this coupon only available in some areas? I am unable to locate it? Thanks


April 6, 201607:38 pm

It was a coupon that needed to be downloaded by the 5th.