Hurry to download this coupon for a FREE goodnessknows Bar (that may only be available to select customers).  These are found in the natural/organic section in some stores and may be found in the energy bar section in other stores. I have a feeling this coupon may disappear early so make sure you grab it as soon as you can.

BUT..I was at Kroger bright and early to test this coupon this morning to make sure it worked..and it didn't so here's what I did (and yep you're gonna hear it all!)

First Transaction: Bought 1 box of goodnessknows Bars (5 ct) – Kroger Digital Coupon did NOT come off.  Voided transaction.

Second Transaction: Bought 2 boxes of goodnessknows Bars (5 ct) – Kroger Digital Coupon did NOT come off.  Voided transaction.

Third Transaction: Bought 1 goodnessknows Bar (1 ct) – Kroger Digital Coupon did NOT come off.  Voided transaction.

Fourth Transaction: Bought 2 goodnessknows Bars (1 ct) – Kroger Digital Coupon did NOT come off.  Voided transaction.

So..I call Kroger to see what's going on.  The coupon is supposed to be a FREE coupon valid on the 5 ct package and SHOULD be working but it didn't for me. The wonderful lady, Mary, let me know that she put a complaint in system letting support know it wasn't working.  So…long story almost over, I'm hoping it will be working soon.  Make sure if you choose to buy that you are watching to make sure the whole $4.99 amount comes off.  If it doesn't work today, it will hopefully be working VERY, very soon.

1,271 steps later according to my FitBit and I have NO bars in my hand and an empty stomach.  The section and registers are seriously that far away from each other.


Thanks to everyone letting me know about this!

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May 20, 201605:15 am

The coupon is not there.


May 20, 201602:20 pm

try searching it. It showed up after I did that.


May 20, 201601:52 am

It is just in ONE(1) bar, which comes with 5 squares, not the box of bars(5 count).


May 19, 201609:06 pm

Yes noticed they changed the wording for only 1 bar now

Matthew Smith

May 19, 201607:06 pm

Digital coupon now says 1.2 ounces. It's a single sleeve with 4 (may be five) individual bars in it... Picture shows four...

Melissa Hallam

May 19, 201605:31 pm

When I loaded the eq it clearly said 5ct, now the wording is changed. Not cool Kroger!


May 19, 201604:15 pm

Even if it is for 1 bar- there are 4 squares in a pouch, not 5- so the 5 ct to me sounds like a 5 ct box not 1 bar... confusing the way it is written though!

autumn bright

May 19, 201603:25 pm

its updated now to the single bars

autumn bright

May 19, 201603:24 pm

It is updated now to the single bar.


May 19, 201601:18 pm

this coupon is for a SINGLE bar that has 5 small snack sqares inside the bar..... this DOES NOT WORK WITH THE 5 COUNT BOXES.

Carrie grason

May 19, 201612:42 pm

I got that added to my account to and it didn't come off but I did show it to customer service and they reimbursed me for the 5 count. Same thing happened with my bounty paper towels. But they were super nice about it.


May 19, 201612:38 pm

ONE bar NOT Five, it should NOT work on five. Not at all. Says one.


May 19, 201601:28 pm

It is confusing because it says one free, but also says 5 count: "FREE goodnessknows snack squares Receive ONE (1) FREE goodnessknows snack squares, any variety. (5 ct )."


May 19, 201612:31 pm

It is only for the one bar at my store. Thanks for letting me know about it.


May 19, 201611:55 am

I tried it this morning on a 5-ct. box, and it didn't come off. I was in self checkout, so I asked the cashier to void it and was going to take it to the service desk to ring it up there. I showed him the coupon on my phone, and he rang it back in and changed the price to $0. I love my Kroger!! Thanks so much for alerting us to this coupon! (p.s. The regular price per box is $7.99, on sale for $4.99, both ridiculously outrageous prices. I love being able to try these products for free and deciding whether it's worth paying more for.)


May 19, 201611:50 am

got the coupon loaded as well. thanks! :)


May 19, 201611:25 am

Are you sure it is for the box even though what is pictured is the individual size which runs about $1.75 vs the box $4.99-$5.99. I know it reads 5 ct. Some Kroger stores only carry the box. Awhile back(maybe in Feb-March ) in one of the Kroger mega sales it included the individual size stick for $1.25 and a $1.00 coupon matched with it making them a quarter. Maybe you can find it in your archives. Anyway my Krogers in Cincinnati did not carry the individual size but they broke up a box to comply with the mega item and it did recognize it. I am wondering if that is happening here if the digital coupon is recognizing the individual size and it is a typo per say calling 5 ct. I believe there are 4 or 5 squares in each stick. I too received the coupon but this is just a thought... Thanks for all you do to help us say money on our grocery bills :)


May 19, 201611:32 am

I see your several transaction tries. Maybe like the one reply , the coupon is just not turned on yet from the store. Again, thanks for all you do for us :)


May 19, 201610:55 am

Thank you. It worked on single bar count for me.


May 19, 201610:40 am

As a former manager for Kroger... Typically when the digital coupons don't work it is because the machines, either SCO or the registers, have not been signed off so the new coupons can load. Maybe the store just hasn't signed them off so they could upload. Also, the employee should have taken care of it for you when it didn't work if you showed them where you had it loaded on your card.


May 19, 201610:29 am

I got the coupon so hoping it works soon.


May 19, 201610:03 am

Thanks, I'm hoping I can find it because I got the coupon.