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Update:  I went and tried this deal and I seemed to get the same exact pricing that most of you did.  I purchased 6 items and 5 of the items rang up $2.49 and the $1.00 Frito-Lay coupon was taken off 5 times. My 6th item was then discounted to $1.77. This problem happens when you have to buy in quantities of 3 (at least in this instance) double dipping with a 5x promotion. So I'm sorry but the deal isn't working as I first intended for it to.

This is how your new scenario will look if you'd like to use the 5x Kroger Digital Coupon:



How about this sale though! Wyb 3 Fritos, Cheetos, Sunchips or Fritos Can Dip you'll get them for $1.77 at Kroger! That's not all though!!! Combine our Kroger Digital Coupon with that deal and that brings your total down to $0.77!!!


Deal Scenario (because you have to mix and match in groups of 3):

IMPORTANT: You can use these coupons up to 5 times in a SINGLE transaction.  You cannot use these coupons in more than one transaction or in different transactions on different days. For example, if you choose to only use a coupon 3 times instead of 5 times in a single purchase, the coupon will be applied to that transaction and will no longer be valid for subsequent transactions!

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May 28, 201611:45 pm

I bought 6 bags Cheetos on Wednesday, they rung up at 2.49 for 5 of them instead of the 1.59 (cheaper here for some reason) so I went back today and they refunded $5. They said it should have rung up correctly even with the digital coupon and there is some sort of glitch. Just go back to customer service and they should make it right.


May 27, 201603:40 pm

Kroger corporate obviously didn't realize the promotion and 5x coupons would overlap. Customer shouldn't be punished for the oversight. The digi 5x worked for the tea last week . Digi coup came off special pricing when bought three items .What's so very irritating is the customer service response. If I shop Kroger Perrysburg (an affluent area) the only Kroger I know that has free fruit for the kids, customer service "makes it right." If I shop Kroger Woodville Rd (area with many shoppers who get food stamps), customer service is unable or unwilling or uncomfortable as clerk said to "make it right." This entails a second trip to discuss the issue with a manger. Very irritating as I shop for others who don't have transportation. A waste of my time .


May 28, 201612:20 pm

Why a second trip needed? I always check my receipt before walking out of the store so I can head straight to customer service in case of a problem. I will not argue in the checkout line, I will state my case where they can actually fix the problems for me. This promo failed me, also, but CS gave me $3.60 for the errors when the $1.77 per bag only applied to one of the six bags when the digi coupons came off...... although technically I should have received one bag free via the Scan Right that is still in effect in our area. I didn't argue that point since something else on my receipt was an error in my favor so karma told me it was a wash ;)


May 26, 201601:37 pm

This deal scenario didn't work for me in Louisville.


May 26, 201610:08 am

Is there an updated coupon policy that explains this? First I was told you can not use a digital coupon on an item that where the q is 70% more than the item and now it's saying we can't combine it on 'promotional' sales.


May 26, 201609:58 am

I don't understand why everyone complaining "why this deal is posted" and "why Katie hasn't updated the deal yet". Every deal is always YMMV and everything is always trial and error. I'm sure Katie didn't need any cheetos at the moment, so she hasn't tried the deal yet . If you can't wait on Katie to answer then go test the deal yourself. Katie also probably has a life outside of couponing and hasn't had time to update the scenario. Just be thankful there's blog that we can go to to get these breakdowns.


May 26, 201609:13 am

The title of this post should be changed. It's misleading.


May 26, 201608:24 am

I JUST did this deal. i bought 3 Frito Chips and 3 Frito Cheese Dips, the manager couldn't figure out why the B3S3 didn't come off. i got the 6th item for $1.88, so she gave me $3.60 back to make it right :). i wish they would make that clear somewhere that you can't use the x5 coupons along with any other promotions.


May 26, 201606:59 am

Okay, so I want to know why deals like this are posted and they obviously aren't working right in the store. All these comments and yet has Katie given an update on the deal!


May 26, 201608:20 am

I am waiting for an answer too, Rochelle. Do not want to waist my time going to the store and find out its not going to work!


May 26, 201602:04 am

Same in Ohio. Ringing up $2.49 minus 1.00 digital coupon = 1.49 !! Mgr adjusted to the 1.77 - 1.00 = .77.... Ended up being even cheaper as mgr said because of their Scan Rite Policy they gave me 2 free !!


May 26, 201612:59 am

I just did the deal and my chips were 2.49 before the sale. $1.49 if you buy 3 and .49 after the coupon.


May 26, 201608:22 am

What region do you live in?


May 25, 201606:25 pm

Load this offer on Saving Star ($4/$20) over one or many trips. Plus you can boost it $2 by sharing your profile info. So at least if you cannot double dip on the Kroger coupons, you can claim $4 back???


May 25, 201605:38 pm

Katie do you have an update for us on this deal?


May 25, 201605:07 pm

I did the tea yesterday and got 5 for $0.49 and then added a Pepsi for my 6th item at $1.99. The digital came off of the buy 3/save 3. Our new ad doesn't start until tomorrow so I'm gonna check on this.


May 25, 201602:42 pm

Has any one tested without using the digital coupon. Just to see if it even rings up $1.77


May 25, 201602:09 pm

The wrong price came up for me too. But the cashier explained to me that the "$1.77 WYB 3" is one promotion. They x5 coupons are another promotion. So, by redeeming the x5 coupons within the same transaction as the other, the system will completely void the "WYB 3" offer. That's why the final price is coming down to $1.49 (the sign advertising the "$1.77 WYB 3" offer in-store states that quantities not purchased within the promo guidelines will be $2.49 each, which makes them $1.49 after the coupon). In a nut shell, Kroger isn't wanting to double dip their promotions (the x5 coupons are considered a sale more than a coupon. If you tried to redeem a non-x5 coupon with this sale it would work). My cashier was nice enough to adjust everything for me! Hopefully more are willing to do that since this is rather irritating.. why don't they end the x5 coupons with the sale cycle if they aren't ok to redeem like this?! :-)


May 25, 201602:27 pm

That's not correct though. The Lipton teas were $1.49 last week with being the mega sale for buying 3. Then there was the $1 off that was a x5 coupon. Teas were .49.


May 25, 201601:01 pm

Its working in Dallas,TX


May 25, 201612:59 pm

Has this worked for anyone? I would like to do this in my Louisville store. Thx


May 25, 201612:34 pm

Bought 6 items and before tax the total was $9.22. I realized that they charge full price with the digital coupon ($2.49) and sale price for the last item ($1.77). They tried to explain to me that this was correct but no way should they charge a different price for items they list on sale.


May 25, 201612:23 pm

I just went and tried this deal as well. The signs were up. $1.77 if you buy 3. I bought 3, and the digital coupon came off, but not the price for buying 3. I ended up paying $ 1.49 for each of them after all was said and done. Bummer! Got my 5 free Lays though. Super stoked about that!!!!


May 25, 201612:22 pm

I just went and tried this deal as well. The signs were up. $1.77 off you buy 3. I bought 3, and the digital coupon came off, but not the price for buying 3. I ended up paying $ 1.49 for each of them after all was said and done. Bummer! Got my 5 free Lays though. Super stoked about that!!!!


May 25, 201612:16 pm

I just came back from the store and realized I didn't get the sale price either. I bought 1 bag of Cheetos and 2 Sun Chips and my price per bag was $2.49 before the $1 coupon. The shelf tags were up and I bought the products indicated. No $1.77 price for me.

julie keel

May 25, 201610:23 am

I bought the three bags and it charged me 4:31


May 25, 201611:46 am

3x$1.77=$5.31 so the coupons were messed up, not the shelf tag.


May 25, 201610:24 am

Were there tags up?


May 25, 201610:18 am

It must be regional as I can not find it :(


May 25, 201609:07 pm

I think the 5x is no longer available to clip now.


May 25, 201610:24 am

What region are you in?