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I know I do not have to tell you smart people to STOP what you're doing and print this Goldfish coupon that will make the whole grain varieties FREE with the Kroger Mega Event!!!



This coupon is limit 2 prints PER BROWSER. Do NOT just change the number of copies. Print it ONCE. Then use my link again (or hit your back button) to print it again to ensure you get UNIQUE bar codes. Then, open a new browser and do it all again! It may take a few minutes to load so be patience. 🙂

(Thanks April!)

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May 9, 201607:43 pm

If you don't get it in first five minutes it's out then forget it!


May 9, 201607:30 pm

The message I get is sorry campaign has expired.


May 9, 201607:36 pm

same here!!


May 9, 201607:06 pm

I just received the message that "Sorry, this campaign has expired." Regardless, .99 a bag is an awesome deal or .50 if you have the other mentioned coupon!! Thanks.


May 9, 201606:57 pm

Hi everyone! please try the link below. i was able to print 2


May 9, 201607:19 pm

Thanks Katie! I was able to print 6 coupons..


May 9, 201606:55 pm

Mine is printing now, just had to google to coupon and print it from a different website


May 9, 201607:21 pm

where did you get it

Selena Richardson

May 9, 201606:53 pm

Has anyone been successful at printing this besides KrogerKrazy and could shed some light?


May 9, 201606:50 pm

Same here, bummer


May 9, 201606:48 pm

same here. you can still get them for $.50 if you use the $.50/1 coupon from the 4/17 SS.


May 9, 201606:46 pm

I tried Chrome and Explorer. Both don't work.


May 9, 201606:45 pm

I've tried a couple different browsers and I get the same message.


May 9, 201606:45 pm

I tried two different browsers. Getting the same error on both


May 9, 201606:45 pm

"you have exceeded your print limit" even though I haven't printed any yet. I think this one went very fast


May 9, 201606:45 pm

error on chrome too


May 9, 201606:44 pm

I get the same message, oops, not available. :(


May 9, 201606:46 pm

And I tried Firefox and internet Explorer. And I have windows 10


May 9, 201606:42 pm

Same for me :(

Selena Richardson

May 9, 201606:41 pm

When I click on the link, I get a stop sign symbol that says "Oops... Not available through this link."


May 9, 201606:43 pm

i get the stop too from firefox, will try another browser and see


May 9, 201606:42 pm

Was that Chrome? You may need to choose another browser.


May 9, 201606:57 pm

Ive used several browsers including my iPhone. None of them are working.