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Here is the full inclusions list for the Buy 5, Save $5 Kroger Mega Event. The list below includes advertised mega items ONLY along with coupon matchups. We will be updating this list live on Wednesday when the sale starts and we can get into the store to grab all of the unadvertised prices but I wanted to get what we have out to you so you can get your coupons ready.  This 2 week sale runs June 1st – June 14th for most of us. This list will also be bookmarked in the “most popular” category at the top of the blog for easy access.

This is a 2 week sale that runs WITH your sale cycle! Buy (5) Participating Products (mix & match) and receive $5 off INSTANTLY at checkout. The in-store tags indicate that there are NO LIMITS!!

New to Mega Event shopping? Check out my “How to shop a Kroger Mega Event” post.

Buy 5, Save $5 Mega Event

Prices reflect additional $1.00 per item savings assuming you have purchased 5 participating items. 


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Bleary Eyed Clipper

June 9, 201611:12 am

Krave Cereal is not one of the participating Kellogg’s products at my store.


June 6, 201602:12 am

Is Kraft salad dressing included in the mega sale? It isn't listed above but I thought it was.


June 4, 201602:59 pm

You should never be using expired coupons even if they do scan. It's unethical, and wrong for one thing, and for another's the store doesn't get reimbursed for the coupon if it's expired. Don't give stores any more reasons to stop people from using coupons. You can donate your expired coupons to people in the military. Commissary stores accept them. This way you can feel like you aren't wasting the coupon, but are still being an ethical couponer and still following the legal rules of coupon redemption.


June 10, 201601:36 pm

On your face!


June 5, 201604:03 pm

Actually I talked with a few managers at different stores and the Thursday thing is correct, kind of a make it right program they started. So if a coupon expires Tuesday it should accept until Wednesday (That's what I'm going by) and is not unethical. Just don't use a 2 week expires one it's when people bend limits when ethics comes into play


June 6, 201609:55 am

My Kroger accepts expireds up to 3 months. I think it varies by store. If your store accepts it there is not an ethical dilemma. Just make certain that they accept them. They only send them in to the clearinghouse every 3 months so they aren't losing anything.

Ariel R

June 3, 201610:05 pm

On what date does this mega sale end?


June 6, 201602:13 am

June 14.


June 3, 201607:10 pm

how do I find the complete inclusion list? I used to be able to print it out...


June 4, 201601:20 pm

I would like to know this as well!


June 6, 201602:08 am

Me too. It is easy to check if an item is included.


June 8, 201604:14 pm

I printed it out at the very beginning of this sale cycle but it was too small to read. I came in today to see it I could tweak it to make it turn out bigger but it's not here now. Could we please have it back?


May 31, 201611:17 pm

The manager at my kroger has said only 2 discounts can be taken total. So the mega event counts as 1 meaning I can only use 1 coupon as the other discount. And I was told limit is 5 as a rule of thumb unless its a 10 for 10. Im new to couponing but Im trying to do extreme couponing if I can get it down. Would love feedback on this... anyway around it??

Bonnie Alcala

May 30, 201608:17 pm

Still looking for the "Read More" link to find the complete list, never can find it. What I am doing wrong here? Appreciate you making it available

Jennifer Perry

May 31, 201611:18 am

Bonnie, I cannot find the link to a copy of the actual list either. Sometimes it is not up until the sale starts and she can probably get a copy from the store. Your local kroger should have a copy at the front of the store on a stand tomorrow when the sale starts if you want to get it before it's posted.


May 30, 201606:15 pm

Someone told me Kroger allows expired coupons during mega sales? Is this a myth or true haha?


June 1, 201612:50 am

Expired coupons still scan as long as you get the right item and it's not a manager special. At my store they don't even look and override everything, even if you don't get the item. They don't care at all.


June 1, 201603:42 am

hi let us know which Kroger you shop at so we can go there too! LOL


June 6, 201602:10 am

hahaha. exactly


May 30, 201610:14 pm

some clerks take them if they scan. some don't. I try not to use an expired coupon and only try to use one if item was repeatedly out of stock on sale (had get rain check) and now my coups have expired. was told by clerk at one Kroger that xpired coups accepted up til the Thursday folo expire date.