Just like you, we LOVE to save money at Kroger by using coupons. You'll be seeing posts like this weekly when the team takes a trip to Kroger to use the coupons we share with you! BUT, we'd love to see your hauls too (and share on Reader Deals) so make sure to send these our way! Below you'll find a breakdown of the picture shown above!

This week's Kroger haul was rocked by Jacqueline!  But this haul was sort of 2 transactions (my Kroger allows me to do this).  I needed to follow the coupon restrictions on the Vaseline and St. Ives which was 2 of the same coupons per transaction.  So on the 2nd transaction I purchased (2) Vaseline lotions, (2) St. Ives Body Washes and (1) Juicy Juice.

If you would like to duplicate this scenario in any way, simply click on the boxes you'd like to grab and print off the list (and coupons) and head to Kroger! The coupons I used for my shopping trip are highlighted in orange.

On the Degree deal, you can buy ALL regular Motionsense (that will save you $3 more) I just really, reeeeally love the Dry Spray! Also, on the Pine-Sol, as long as it is 28 oz you can buy another scent other than lavender.

My total for these 37 items was $22.30, after I received my $3.00 OYNO AND submitted for my Ibotta Rebates, my total came down to $19.02. If I were to pay for these items full price (without my Kroger Plus Card) and NO coupons my total would have been $128.72. I saved 85% of my total bill and I was ecstatic saving this much!! Happy Mega Hauling Krazies!!!

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June 4, 201611:07 am

Has anyone in the Columbus, OH area located the Juicy Juice Teasers? I'm only finding the regular Juicy Juice in the stores.


June 4, 201602:01 am

Is there a reason you don't post deals related to tear pads or pully machines??I can understand peel off coupons but not the first two types.and forgot on 5 for 5 spray n wash 1.99there is a 1.00 coupon ..sorry bad w insert dates sure someone can figure it out


June 4, 201601:56 am

There is a coupon for 2.50 off three bleach,pinsol,409,tilex,liquid plumber from a pully machine as well which worked awesome with the 5\5 deal you also didn't list the suave sales there is a Catalina for 1$ when u buy 2 and up to 1.50 depending on the item making them as low as .50 for the kids body wash and 1.00 for the gold suave


June 3, 201611:17 pm

Lol!! Same.


June 3, 201607:10 pm

The Vaseline lotion has a limit of 2 coupons per transaction. :(


June 3, 201610:07 pm

You're right. I did write above that I had to do this haul in two transactions to follow with the the policy put on the coupon. Made it harder but I had 4 coupons and wanted them all. Ha :)