I guess it's a BIG THING that these Hostess Suzy Q's are BACK?!?  Not lying, I bought a box to try them out because I have never EVER had one before. It tasted like cake.  I have 7 more if anyone else wants to taste too 🙂 #sharingiscaring

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August 9, 201604:14 pm

I have always loved Suzy Q's. These taste a lot like they used to, however, like most things, they've gotten smaller. The old Suzy Q's were a little more dense and moist, and there was more filling. They used to look "finished" on the edges. These look like they were just lopped off a larger piece. I was so excited to see these in the grocery store but saddened when I opened the box. :)


June 29, 201610:23 pm

I think they are nothing like the old ones of the 80s and 90s. I used to love them, so I tried a box with the coupon and found them thinner and dry tasting to me. They are edible, just not great like I recall from my youth! Anyone else?


July 1, 201607:09 am

I keep hearing this. Sadly, I never remember ever eating one of these before so I don't have a comparison. I'm in the eh factor with them.


July 1, 201602:32 am

Jane, where did you find them? I looked everywhere at my store and cannot locate them. I'm gluten free, but my kids I think will like them. :)


July 1, 201607:08 am

Hi Molly - in my store there were right in the bread aisle with the other Hostess snacks. Hope you're able to find.